Campuses — 04 April 2011

providence-ri-open-houseThe Student Ambassadors at the Providence Empire Beauty School led the way during the 100 Days of Empire open house event. Students kicked off the celebration at noon on Wednesday, offering tours to guests and potential students, as well as refreshments. Then, the students offered free beauty services to the welcomed guests. The Student Ambassadors even hosted a how-to with hair; showing guests how to style their hair using a few easy techniques. There were mannequins that were already styled and other mannequins that several students worked on as they explained to guests how to create several specific styles such as: How to use a curling iron effectively, using a flat iron, male style and clipper work, finger waves, roller sets, corn rows, and updos.

Even better, the school also presented a local shelter for victims of domestic abuse with a donation in the amount of $661.10 as well as canned goods and toys for the children of the shelter.