Campuses — 04 April 2011

York-PA-Empire-Beauty-StudentsThe York, PA, Empire Beauty School began their 100 Days of Empire celebration with a Mardi Gras theme, complete with masks and decorations, and several new enrolling students!

In addition to the complimentary beauty services the school’s students and staff performed for guests, the York school also donated funds in the amount of $1834.90 to their local domestic violence shelter, Access York.

Students also participated in three competitions for haircut and style, nail art and up-do.  The students brought creativity and unique styles to their competitions.  Some students painted Mardia Gras masks on their mannequin nails with phenomenal detail.

The competitions were judged by the teachers and a local salon member names Larry Arrington who owns Shear Xcellence in the Area.  There were prizes that consisted of hair product and supplies for the first, second and third place winners of the contests and everyone who entered received a certificate of participation.