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Look to the Eye-Line for Spring!

BlogFashion Trends | March 14, 2014

Spring is fast approaching, and the world looks new again.  Naturally, you want to shake up your look.  While you may be tempted to go out and purchase every new cosmetic color-story (guilty! How amazing are the orchids this year?!) there is a simple, edgy, yet economical way to look fresh this spring!


If you have been doing the same old smudge, it is time to put some artistry on your eye.

Cat eye in gold
(photo courtesy of

Cat eye in teal
(Photo courtesy of www.keikolynn)

Colored Cat Eye:  Cat eyeliner will never go away, and for good reason! A cat-eye is a sexy look that shows the world you know what you are doing, and you are not afraid to be bold. This spring, take the look to the next level by doing a cat-eye in teal. The look is fresh and right on trend. If you want to be a little bolder, try an electric blue liner for a “punk-rock with a day job” vibe.  A gold cat-eye looks tropical and luxurious, while a silver swath gives an eclectic cyber-sparkle.  Are you too timid for color? A soft brown liquid liner paired with brown mascara makes blue eyes sparkle, green eyes pop, and brown eyes smolder.

(photo courtesy of

Go Below: Color below the waterline is was “the” look on the Runways.  It is a fun, wearable way to bring a bit of brightness to your face. Just be extremely careful when using purples under the eye. Unless you are meticulously concealed, purple can accentuate the under eye in unflattering ways. The good news is a green-blue, green, or gold can help counter-act your post Daylight Savings Time dark circles.

(Photo courtesy of

Floating Liner:  At first glance, this looks kind of says “ I missed the mark” but when the color is smudged out or softened, it gives an amazing lift to the eye. Just be careful to have a very groomed brow, or your look will go from cutting edge to “crazy clown.”

(Photo courtesy

Go Geometric: It is time to “spring forward” with a futuristic look. Instead of accentuating the outside of your eye with a triangular flick, draw a bold, square block. For a more playful, cyber look, add a flick of black and a flick of silver just to the outer eye. Keep lines straight and a bit disjointed. The look is high fashion without the price tag!

A new eye-line design is fabulous for spring because it pairs so well with a lighter formula of foundation and a soft lip-gloss. As with any trend, you will need to adapt it to the shapes, colors, and make-up formulas that are right for you, but don’t be afraid to experiment!

Have you tried any new eyeliner looks? What color will you be wearing on your eyes this spring? How do you combat runny eyes from springtime allergies? Let us know! 

Megan Murray

Written by Megan Murray

Megan Murray is an Empire home office employee with a passion for make-up and pop-culture. She has been a contributor to various health and beauty blogs. At any given time, Megan owns at least 12 different shades of green eye shadow.

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