Empire Beauty School Student Kit Overview

by Empire Beauty School
Empire Beauty School student kit.

On your first day of class, you will receive a student kit filled with all of the tools you need to learn, execute, and successfully complete our program. Most students refer to this as “KItmas.” An added bonus is that you are able to keep this kit for use after you graduate! In this article, we will discuss what you can expect inside of your kit.

Empire Beauty School Student Kit: Video Overview

Here are the items inside of your student kit:

  • 5 mannequins with different types and textures of hair to learn all hair services
  • 1 life like facial mannequin to learn all skin care services
  • 1 practice hand and foot to learn all nail care services
  • Shear set to include
    • 2 sets of shears
    • 2 sets of texture shears
    • Razor and blades
  • Wide variety of brushes for styling hair
  • Rods and rollers for various techniques
  • Full set of combs for all services
  • Haircoloring kit to include:
    • Bowls
    • Applicator brushes
    • Balayage boards
  • OPI nail kit
  • Dermalogica Skin care kit
  • Bodyography makeup kit
  • Wide range of electric tools to include:
    • Clippers/trimmers
    • Blowdryer
    • 1/2” flat iron
    • 1″ flat iron
    • Marcel curling iron
  • Client capes
  • Rolling book bag to carry it all in
  • Full set of CLIC books

As a student at Empire Beauty School, we set you up for success every step of the way. With this student kit, you will be prepared to jumpstart your career following beauty school. It’s time to pursue your passion, and enroll with us at Empire Beauty School!

For more information about Empire Beauty School, or how to enroll visit https://bit.ly/LearnMoreAtEmpire

June 3, 2024

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