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Empire Beauty School Part-time Program

Can I go to cosmetology school Part-time?

Depending on your location and state, yes you can attend school on a part-time schedule. Empire Beauty School offers a variety of programs and flexible scheduling. In some areas, Empire Beauty School offers a part-time cosmetology program in either the daytime or evening format. Check with your local Empire beauty school for more information

How long is the program?  How much longer is this than full-time?

Much like the full-time programs, the part-time programs vary by state. This is based on individual state requirements. Typically, the part-time program takes double the time to complete than the full-time programs. The added convenience of flexibility this schedule offers outw­­eighs the length of time to complete. It is up to you to see whether a part-time schedule might fit better within your world. Remember it doesn’t matter if it takes you longer than someone else to succeed. It only matters that you see it through to completion.

Where is this program offered? 

Empire Beauty School Locations

Approximately 68 of our locations offer some form of part-time schedule. We are located in 21 states and most of those states offer a part-time program in at least one of the locations.

Different types of part-time program

  • Empire Beauty School offers 2 options in some areas for the part-time Cosmetology program.  Both part-time day and evening programs are typically 17.5 hours per week (20 in Indiana).  In most cases that is only 4 days per week compared to the full-time program that is 5 days a week.
  • Empire Beauty School offers a part-time evening Esthetics program in a select number of locations.

How many hours a day?

Empire Beauty School Fron Desk

Empire Beauty School wanted to create a flexible schedule option for their students and future learners. Let’s face it, life is not always in our favor and can truly be demanding of our time. This is why their part-time programs are typically not scheduled any more than 4.5 hours in one day. Although the part-time schedules are typically scheduled in the evening, they do offer some day time programs at varying campuses. Please call your local Empire Beauty School for additional information.

Can the days be flexible?

Unfortunately, Empire Beauty School does not offer a program where students can create their own schedule. They pride themselves in a structured environment and curriculum that is geared towards all learners. For this reason, they need the students to all be on the same schedule whether full or part-time for consistency across the board. The part-time schedule is geared to be more flexible and reasonable for the everyday student to achieve.

Empire Beauty Schoo Student working on mannequin

Will the education be different than the full-time program?

Education remains the same whether full-time or part-time. The only difference is what they learn in one day during the full-time schedule, part-time learns in two. Everyone will have access to the same salon-centric learning material and learner-focused curriculum they offer during full-time scheduling. By the completion of the program, every student will be prepared and confident to start new a career as a cosmetologist, esthetician, or educator.

Is financial aid offered for the part-time program?

Financial Aid at Empire Beauty School

During an interview with the Admissions Department, you will discuss the options available to you.  Depending on your state, Financial Assistance may be available to those who qualify.

Are weekends an option?

Empire Beauty School currently does not offer a strict weekend schedule. They do however have a few campuses with Saturday added to their part-time schedule. Please check with your local Empire Beauty School for additional information.

Cosmetology at Empire Beauty School

Are payments lower?

The education for the programs do not change based on students’ scheduling therefore, the cost of the programs are identical whether full-time or part-time. However, payments are dependent on your financial aid options (available to those that qualify) and vary per individual. Please contact your local Empire Beauty School’s Career Planning Specialist for additional information and to see how you qualify.

Is this a program I can fit around my job?

Absolutely! Most of the part-time programs begin around 5:30 pm, allowing students the opportunity to work during the day. This will be solely reliant on your work schedule flexibility and your willingness to achieve your goals. It might not be easy juggling both but it sure will be worth it in the end.

Do I get the same kit as a full-time student?

Empire Beauty School Student Kit

Yes! Part-time students receive the same professional-grade student kit provided during full-time schedule. Please refer to the blog “What is Empire Beauty School’s Student Kit” to see all the top-notch equipment you will receive upon starting the program.

A future in beauty may be right for you with a part-time program. For more information about Empire Beauty School, or how to enroll, click –

January 4, 2022

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