Cosmetologists Don’t Cut Corners on Quality

by Empire Beauty School

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business one day as a highly sought after top-notch cosmetologist? When you enroll in a college of hair design, you are taught the fundamental skills to be that cosmetologist that you dream of. Quality of work is a huge part of becoming an elite hairdresser and working your way to the top of this industry.

College of Hair Design1

It has always been about the quality of work, and it always will be.
When you begin studying at a college of hair design, you are pointed in the direction of creativity, business strategy and how to work with others in a salon environment. Mentors guide you through the process during your time there. The focus is on the quality of your work as a cosmetologist from the very start of your enrollment, so much so that it will become a part of your everyday lifestyle. Practice makes perfect, as it is said, and when you practice for perfection, you will find quality as a standard in your artistic expressions in hair, makeup and skin. This feeds into your future career as a cosmetologist. The better you are at your work, the more clients you will have, the more word-of-mouth referral clients you will get. As word spreads about your talent and skill, important clients begin to request you and word continues to spread about you. This is how you reach the highest tiers in this industry.


Your goals at a college of hair design.
Hours required to finish a college of hair design vary by state, however you should know the primary end goal is getting licensed in the state where you reside. This is followed by other goals; results of time spent at the college of hair design of your choice include a business mindset, the abilities to create awesome hair, the state license you worked so hard to get, and finding a chair to work in directly after receiving your license. Once you step out of your college of hair design and into the hair world, you will find it easy to begin building a client list, because you kept the quality of service as a priority for you. When you present a better end product (that being the hair, skin, or nail service that you provide), you will be able to stay a top competitor in the beauty industry.

This is step one of your future career and a building block to the cosmetologist you choose to be. Platform Artists, Educators, Business Savvy Leaders in the beauty industry; they all get their start at a college of hair design. As you work your way toward your dreams, you must remember what you were taught, how you can relate that to other cosmetologists as a tool for taking apprentices one day, and leverage those abilities to further your career in the industry. It starts here.

March 28, 2012

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