Career Paths in the Esthetics Industry

by Lorraine Letcavage

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already excited about the possibilities of a career in the ever-growing beauty industry. Perhaps hair isn’t your thing, but you do enjoy playing around in the make-up toybox and creating a smooth skin canvas to apply it to. Well then, perhaps your instincts should lead you down the career path toward becoming an esthetician, a.k.a. skin care specialist. But hey, there’s so much more to it than that title reflects. Let me explain… Esthetics defined. Many people wonder what esthetics actually means. The term originates from a branch of philosophy concerned with the study of beauty in nature and art. It makes sense then, that most esthetics coursework is found in beauty schools. An esthetician is a master in all things skin care, makeup, and hair removal.

Of much interest to the glamour geeks among us is that these licensed professionals perform facials, peels, microdermabrasion, wraps, laser treatments, spray tanning and other spa services. That’s right, spas- where stressed out, overworked people go to rejuvenate and beautify. During these tense times, appointment books should fill up quickly! Jobs for estheticians. The career outlook shines brightly on this profession with no signs of slowing down. The public pressure to look camera-ready and feel good while doing so creates consumer demand for skin specialists. Makeup artists are enjoying an employment surge as well since cosmetic applications are now offered in salons. Spas and salons need estheticians to perform add-on services and sell products. Business-oriented opportunities exist in writing, blogging, and public relations for companies in the beauty world. Medical skin care for treating disease prompts work for skilled estheticians in a clinical setting. (Note: it may require additional coursework.)

Where estheticians find work. Of course, the first place of employment that comes to mind for skin care is in beauty salons and spas. And that remains true, especially when first starting out. Where a certified esthetician works will often depend on their area of expertise. For instance, those who value the amazing products used on clients might excel in sales and add income through commissions. Estheticians that develop passion for a certain product might become consultants and sell exclusively for the manufacturer. There’s more- social media has helped create a market for specialty services such as eyelash extensions, eyebrow tinting and spray tanning. This means that an esthetician in this niche can find employment with beauty chains such as Ulta, Sephora and Massage Envy in addition to local salons. It’s a great opportunity for entry-level estheticians to gain hands-on experience and enhance future employability.

Experienced estheticians seek hotel chains, resorts, and cruise ships as coveted places of employment. These facilities offer a steady stream of clientele looking to improve their well-being and look beautiful on vacation. The perks of securing a job in this atmosphere are amazing, so it’s a goal to pursue if you crave the glamourous life. Estheticians fascinated by science can look to medical facilities for opportunities. Clinical skin treatments are performed in dermatology or cosmetic surgery practices, laser centers, outpatient clinics and medical spas. Some chemical treatments and laser equipment are medical grade and require physician supervision. Should you find an inkling to treat patients with skin disorders, this is the career for you.

Less hands-on? The surge in media coverage for skin and makeup leads to career options as a beauty blogger, writer, or marketing specialist for companies in the beauty biz. Offer to share the knowledge obtained in cosmetology school to educate others on skin care and cosmetics. If you tend to shine in business and education, these jobs are worth pursuing. Long-term estheticians who worked hard to become go-to experts in skin care might consider opening their own business. It’s a leap of faith, but certainly a dream worth pursuing should you have the necessary resources. Rewarding Career Choice. Regardless of the area of expertise you’ll enjoy most when studying esthetics, one thing is certain. The career is rewarding. You’ll be helping people look and feel better, relax, and be pampered. In return, you’ll keep a productive schedule, learn new things, make money, and establish human connections. That’s what makes it a career worth exploring!

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November 5, 2019

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