High School Juniors—It’s Never Too Early

by Katie Schenk

It’s easy to think there’s plenty of time to get organized for cosmetology school. But, if you are confident that’s where you’re going – it’s never too early to get started.

Take the Right Classes Your Senior Year

Senior year is often a chance to take the classes you really want or the ones that are best for your future plans. If you’re looking at a cosmetology degrees, there are a few classes where you should focus your efforts, even if they’re not required for your high school diploma.

Art is an obvious choice. Look for anything that allows you to work with color. And, if your school offers photography, you won’t believe how useful that will be in the future. Speech is perfect for developing your conversational skills, as is debate or interpersonal communication. And, yes, biology will help you exponentially in your future career because cosmetologists need to know about anatomy.

Think about Where You Want to Work

There are differences between state licensing criteria. If you live on the border of two states, or you want to move to another part of the country, think about this before looking at cosmetology schools. Be sure that you get licensed at your school—transferring a license from state to state is easier than trying to transfer cosmetology school hours.

Consider Cosmetology Schools Seriously

Not all cosmetology schools are equal. Really. Spend time looking at your options and don’t settle on the school that’s closest to you. You want the best possible education, not just an education.

Look at Every Scholarship Opportunity

There are scholarships for cosmetology students, and you should spend time looking at all of the options. Make long lists of everything out there – along with application dates. Talk to your guidance counselor—they will know about local scholarship opportunities.

Prepare for Your Studies

There’s a lot you can do to start cosmetology school on the right foot. Create a budget, develop a calendar for scholarship deadlines and school applications.Then plan your start date and visit schools.

You are on your way to making your dreams happen.

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February 15, 2017

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