Salon Owner Career Information

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Salon Owner Career Information

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A salon owner is the passion behind our beauty industry. As a salon owner, you are responsible for the daily operations of your establishment. Including profit, marketing, staff, retail management and so much more.  Being a salon owner requires tons of dedication and time to ensure your goals are met and your business continues to grow.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Managing staff
  • Servicing guest (optional)
  • Customer complaints
  • Marketing
  • Finances
  • Retail management
  • Training and development

*Salary & Pay scale information

Owning a salon can be an extremely lucrative career. However, with that comes a lot of responsibility and dedication to your business. A salon owner salary varies with the average being 41,438 – 60,024.

Education Requirements

In some states, it is required that a salon owner obtain a cosmetology or equivalent license. However, in most states it is not required for you to be a licensed beauty professional. 

Being a licensed beauty professional is helpful in successfully managing your business. This will allow you to coach and mentor your staff in a field you are knowledgeable in. It is also recommended to obtain a certificate in business. This can be through a college program or additional training classes and helps you to understand the operational side of your business.

Key skills

  • Motivated
  • Hardworking
  • Personable
  • Leadership ability
  • Efficient
  • Accountable
  • Value driven
  • Goal oriented
  • Financially astute


  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Suite
  • Travel for classes/ additional training/ networking


Although owning your business could be extremely flexible once established. Expect to spend a lot of time during the beginning years investing into your business. Even when you are not physically working in your salon, you will most likely be brainstorming ways in which you can make adjustments to your salon and/or increase clientele.

June 8, 2022

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