5 Common Fears Facing New Beauty School Students

by Lorraine Letcavage

It’s not uncommon to feel worried as the time finally arrives, that magical moment when you’ll follow your footsteps from the dream career in your heart to the reality of entering cosmetology school doors for your first class. Of course, you’ve already weighed the pros and cons, consulted with family and friends, attained financial aid, and signed enrollment papers. The hard part is over- or so you thought! Rest assured, you’re not alone in the struggle to gain classroom confidence.

Here are some of the most common fear factors of first-time beauty school students, and some encouraging words to help ease those frazzled nerves.


1) Fear of Inadequacy.

Students from our Vernon Hills Campus.

As you envision your new life among fellow beauty school students, you may begin to have qualms about the following: Am I too old? Am I too young? Am I stylish enough? Am I smart enough? Relax, and know that it actually doesn’t matter. You’re unique, and having the drive to improve your future is all you need to succeed. Classes will contain a mixture of various age groups, personalities, cultures, and yes, intelligence. But that’s what makes beauty school a fun and versatile learning experience that you won’t get at home.

2) Fear of Failure.

This is probably a fear throughout life but seems to really surface during decisions involving change. The reason is simple: it’s about taking a risk. Rolling the dice, where the outcome is winning or losing. No one is ever certain what might happen in the end, but research helps us make wise decisions. Remind yourself that you’re in charge of your destiny, and seek help from the beauty school staff. Make use of counselors, financial aid advisors, and instructors. Failure happens when you don’t try.

3) Fear of not Fitting In.

Kim Latzy, student from our West Mifflin Campus.

Maybe high school wasn’t a happy place, and you’re afraid of a repeat scenario involving rejection. The good news is that beauty school is a totally different vibe. Cosmetology embraces creativity and the art of being different. Individuality shines, and ideas prevail. Be yourself, and don’t try to “fit”. You’ll all become friends, in the end, each embracing differences together.

4) Fear of Financial Problems.

It will cost money at first, but think of it as an investment in yourself- the best kind! When you have a talent, those skills need to be nourished. It will need tools of the trade, advice, and certifications. Once your cosmetology knowledge grows and you have a new career, the investment pays off. The financial planning you’ve done is key. Know in advance what the costs are, and seek assistance when necessary.

5) Fear of No Career.

Lady, student from our Northlake Campus. She passed the written and practical state board.

This is a big one. What if, after all of the time and effort, you don’t find a job in the beauty industry? Don’t fret. Students with a cosmetology degree from an accredited beauty school will improve their marketability in the job market significantly. Passing the state boards is proof to employers that you know what it takes to succeed. The best schools offer career services and job leads to help you along the way. Empire Beauty School is connected to nearly 10,000 Regis salons and we have thousands of other salon connections as well. These connections assist our students in the first steps of their careers.

Once you begin your new routine...

Students from our Chenoweth Campus.

You’ll be able to overcome fears as you meet other students, share ideas and a few laughs. Remember, you’re all in this journey as a team, and learning something new is never a bad idea!

Have you been considering taking your beauty skills to the next level? Empire Beauty School offers several Beauty Programs, including Cosmetology, Esthetics, Educator Training, and Nail Technology. Schedule a tour today and meet with a Career Planning Specialist to see if Empire is the perfect fit for you. Visit us at http://www.empire.edu or call 1-800-964-3635.

August 23, 2018

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