10 Great Beauty Blogs for Summer

by Jess Quandel

It’s the dog days of summer and if you’re looking for a few beauty tips, tricks and trends, look no further.

We’ve collected some summer-infused beauty blogs designed to get you through the heat, humidity and sunshine, so you look fabulous all summer long!

1.  Let’s start with a cool thought.  Literally.  Did you know refrigerating some of your beauty products is the best way to keep them from an early visit to the trash can?  According to beauty bloggers at IntotheGloss.com trying reserving a spot in your fridge for these beauty basics!


2.  Tired of your same old lip color?  Why not change it up for summer? Let Team Zoe at TheZoeReport.com narrow down the list of possibilities with their favorite summer lipsticks!


3.  As it relates to your hair or face, no one likes grease.  Unfortunately, summertime is prime season for oil to clog your pores and make a minefield of your face.  Blogger Sarah Wu tells us which cleansers are the best for hot weather.


4.  Keeping up with the trends can be exhausting.  Don’t you wish there was one place you could go for the latest trends of the season?  Wait no longer.  The girls at newbeauty.com scoured Instagram for what’s hot this summer.  Steal a few of these ideas and you’ll be right on point!


5.  The struggle is real.  Keeping your locks looking good through summer travel, picnics, concerts, etc. is an age old problem.  One way to fight the humid, frizzy days of summer is to find a few cute accessories to help your style.  Check them out from the bloggers at thebeautydepartment.com.


6.  Life seems a bit freer in the summer.  Feel free to change up your makeup with these summery makeup looks from the bloggers at totalbeauty.com.


7.  When it’s hot and you’re sweaty, greasy hair is never far behind.  Combat the inevitable with these tips from the experts at dailymakeover.com.


8.  If only summer was like it used to be.  Long lazy days at the pool or the beach without a care in the world.  But let’s face it,  with the exception of a week or two, most of us spend summer days right where we spend winter days—in the office.   Lexi Tollefsen with shesintheglow.com shows us how to sneak a little faux beach time into our 9-5.


9.  Summer is the perfect time to try out that bright shade of pretty nail polish you’ve had your eye on.  There are so many colors, you can change it up as often as you like, all summer long!  Check out YouTube sensation Michelle Phan’s favorite summer manis!


10.  That beautiful yellow sphere in the sky feels so good, until it feels so bad.  Even the most vigilant of sunscreen users get caught with burnt skin from time to time.  If you find yourself nursing some red spots, dermstore.com has some tips to deal with the burn.


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August 24, 2015

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