Cuts and Styles for Long Faces

by Jesse Harp

Your face shape is part of what defines your personal look, as well as what determines what hairstyles and cuts are most becoming on you. Those with longer faces should seek a hairstyle that will visually shorten or widen the face, balancing the length with shorter styles and volume through the sides.

Bangs (Medium to Long in Length)
Bangs in general will assist with the visual of shortening the face shape. Medium to long bangs are key as they will reduce more of the length. Another way to change the visual is through longer side bangs which add an asymmetry to the look that detracts from the overall length. In contrast, short bangs will draw attention to the long face shape.

Pixie Cuts
Pixie cuts are arguably one of the very best haircuts for long faces, as they instantly trick the eye into perceiving the face as shorter. To avoid adding any extra length to the face, be sure the pixie cut is not too top-heavy, as that could add height to your head. However, volume through the sides will help to add a wider visual which will in turn create balance. Opt for a slightly longer pixie cut that brushes in front of the ears, and you’ll showcase the true beauty of your face.

Bobs (And Lobs)
Lobs, and preferably bobs, are the most flattering on long faces when they’re textured around the sides of the face, visually widening the shape. Side parts and side highlights will also add dimension and width to your bob.

Long Layers
If your client desires long hair, there are ways to make it work. Incorporate as many layers as possible into the long cut. Long layers will create face-framing, particularly around the jawline which will give the more oval appearance. The layers will also widen the appearance of the face while still allowing you your desired length.

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February 25, 2021

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