How To Get Longer Hair in Less Time!

by Lauryn Salzwedel

Want the most tried and true tips for longer locks?  You came to the right place!!  The average person’s hair grows a quarter of an inch per month. And while there isn’t one miracle cure for faster hair growth, there are several steps you can take to help speed up the process. Everyone will have different experiences but if you’re looking to add some length to your locks, trying them all can’t hurt!

Biotin is considered to be an important nutrient for appropriate growth and metabolism.


Most prenatal vitamins contain biotin (along with iron and folic acid), which is said to promote healthy hair growth. Biotin will not only help your hair grow longer faster, but your skin and nails will reap the benefits too. Of course, it is best to consult your doctor before taking a new type of vitamin supplement.

A Healthy Hair Diet

The benefits of a healthy diet are no secret, and your hair can reap the benefits just like the rest of your body. Whole grains, along with foods rich in calcium and the amino acid cysteine all promote hair growth. Cysteine is found in foods including poultry, eggs, red peppers, garlic, onions, brussel sprouts, yogurt, oatmeal, and broccoli. And if you prefer to stay away from supplements like the ones mentioned above, you can get your biotin from nuts (especially almonds and peanuts) egg yolks, soybeans, and fish. Another diet tip for growing your hair out is eating plenty of protein and leafy greens. Don’t worry, you won’t look like a bodybuilder, but your hair will look phenomenal. Your hair is basically made of protein, so skimping in this department slows down collagen production, which can actually stunt the growth of your hair. Eat at least 20-30 grams per meal. Leafy greens are rich in iron, folate, Vitamin E and some B vitamins (see: biotin) . Some like spinach are also a great source of protein. You may even lose a little weight since protein & fiber satisfies you more than fat or carbs!

Skip the Sweets

Okay I know this feels like beating a dead horse, but you’d be amazed at what the food you’re eating does for your hair (obviously). Sugar, along with alcohol and too much caffeine, are horrible for your hair. These three things break down collagen at alarming rates and can increase acne, hair breakage, and pretty much make you unhealthy overall. They also lead to mood swings, which promote stress. When you are stressed, collagen immediately breaks down in your body faster than any other time.

Use your fingertips and make circular motions moving your hair's roots.

Indulge in a Scalp Massage

Giving yourself an at-home scalp massage increases blood flow to the scalp, which helps nutrients get to your follicles more quickly. So when you’re shampooing or rinsing your hair, try massaging your head with your fingertips to stimulate hair growth. Remember, your hair starts growing from the scalp and this is the best way to ‘wake it up’!


To avoid split ends and breakage, keep heat styling and processing to a minimum, and use only non-damaging hair elastics.

Time for a Little Myth Busters

I’ve always been asked about that phrase ‘frequent trims make your hair grow faster.’ But in my experience I have found that phrase is usually misinterpreted. Since hair grows out of the scalp, trimming the ends will not affect its growth. However, if your hair is not 100% healthy, from heat or chemical damage, you my have some splitting ends. This is where the ‘trim your hair to help it grow’ line comes from since the ONLY way to rid yourself of a split end is to cut it off (sorry, styling aids don’t repair them no matter what they say) That said; split ends could lead to breakage, which makes maintaining your length difficult.

Tying up your hair causes a better flow of oxygen to the outside of your hair and stimulates the follicles.

Cooler Styles

Cool off styling fanatics and put away the hot hair tools! Give yourself and your hair a break. If you insist on heat styling, don’t skimp on quality; invest in a more expensive iron that will last longer and will have special coating to keep the hair healthy even with the application of heat. Skip washing on days you can afford to, to give your hair a break from any heat at all. If you’re brave, let your hair air dry instead of using your blow dryer. Tying your hair up is another great way that many people don’t think about when they are growing out their hair!  In the summer heat, I find myself with my hair up just to stay cool anyhow!

Careful: If you tie your hair in the same place every day you will notice a line of breakage where the hair tie hits, so be sure to change it up! Anything you can do to reduce heat, tugging, and overly brushing your hair will help it grow faster.

A Little TLC

Beyond heat styling, it is important to make sure your hair is being conditioned properly as well. When you are trying to grow your hair out, the health of your hair is very, very important, so you’ve got to make sure that you are deep conditioning too! Styling oils are also a great way to make sure any heat that is applied to the hair is not damaging it as it would if left untreated.

Remember: Patience is a virtue!  You have to commit to growing your hair out, it may seem like it is taking forever, but anything worth having is worth the wait!  

Happy growing!!

July 31, 2014

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