Men’s Grooming & Haircare Trends

by Jesse Harp

Hair and Beauty trends are ever-evolving. This is no less true when speaking of men’s grooming and hair care, especially during the last two years when many had to adapt to the lifestyle changes that accompanied the pandemic. According to Empire Beauty School educator and cosmetologist Tairica Ryals, recent trends in men’s haircare can be widely attributed to life in quarantine.

Keeping it Long

Ryals said that when men started returning for haircuts after quarantine, she found that many of them had actually become partial to their longer hair. While Ryals definitely recommends keeping it shaped up, she finding that longer cuts on men have definitely made somewhat of a comeback, especially for younger men.

“I guess with not going to school or not being in school, they didn’t worry about their hair,” Ryals said. “So now they’re leaving more length on. They’re doing more shear cuts and fewer clipper cuts.”


The go-to cut for men who have grown fond of their long hair is pompadour. A pompadour is created by keeping the sides and edges of the hair short, but keeping the top of the head longer and swept back. This still provides the look of a voluminous hairdo but eliminates the shagginess longhair typically has. Pompadours are a clean-cut, business-friendly way to style long hair on men.

Longer Beards

In addition to longer hair, Ryals said that men have also gotten comfortable with longer beards and have come up with better ways to maintain them in the last couple of years.

“Some of my clients, during quarantine, they were able to let their beards grow out,” Ryals said. “A lot of them ended up liking their beards, but they didn’t know how to take care of it.”

Beard Care

With the proper care, Ryals said that men, and their wives and girlfriends, agree that beards can be quite appealing. Many types of oils and conditioners have been produced to make facial hair softer, smoother, and tamer than ever before.

“Before guys would come and just get a touch-up and stuff like that,” Ryals said. “But now clients will ask about or I’ll refer them to beard washes, beard conditioners, beard brushes, beard oils. They are really putting a lot of maintenance into their beards right now.”

For men who have been waiting for the right time to allow their hair and beards to grow, 2021 is an ideal time to start.

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July 26, 2021

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