New Year, New Hair

by Jess Quandel

We are bouncing into a brand new decade… and like most of us, you are likely thinking of a few ways to enter 2020 with a new vision! At least the one in the mirror anyway!

If you’re thinking of a major hairstyle change for 2020, have no fear! Our expert staff of amazing Empire Beauty School educators have advice on how to choose a style that’s right for you!

“It’s really about digging down into the client’s daily routine.” Says Mary Jan Betzler, Education Support Manager at Empire Beauty Schools in Indianapolis, Indiana. “We teach our students to ask a lot of questions. Finding the right cut and style is about much more than just face shape.”

Let’s say a very busy mom of 4 is looking for a new cut. Something that will require a lot of styling may be too much for her to commit to.

However, a young professional with a bit of extra time in the morning, might have the time!

“Time and effort is one of the key things to consider when choosing a hairstyle,” says Betzler. “If your client is not comfortable styling at home, you don’t want to give her a cut that requires a lot of effort to style.”

And speaking of “comfort level”, take into consideration what is just too out there for you.

“I always ask my clients about their insecurities.” Says Jennifer Outlaw, Education Support Manager at Empire Beauty School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. “For instance, I really don’t like my forehead, so I can’t wear my hair back. Being comfortable with your look is very important for everyone!”

And don’t forget about texture.

“Texture is one of those reality checks when it comes to hairstyles,” says Outlaw. “You can add texture or smooth hair with chemical services, but it will more upkeep if your style requires a texture you don’t naturally have.”

“Often, clients come in with a photo of a style they like.” Says Betzler. “It’s a great way for me to see what type of cut they are looking for, however, it’s good to keep in mind that density makes a difference in how any cut will look. Thinner fine hair sits differently than thick hair.”

So are there any hairstyles to avoid at certain ages? While there are no hard and fast rules, Outlaw does suggest some tips for more mature ladies as they choose a new do.

“Going a little shorter is always good as you age. More volume will help as many women tend to experience thinning as they get older.”

Don’t be too “rigid” with your styles, either says Outlaw. “A little more textured is more forgiving. And when it comes to color, keep it lighter to blend the graying. If you choose to embrace your natural gray, a short, spunky style will keep it looking youthful!”

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December 27, 2019

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