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`Westmore Academy at Empire: Kids, meet your make-up artistry sister

by Empire Beauty School

On December 27, 2010, something amazing happened:Hollywood’s first make-up school became part of the Empire Education Group. Yup, a specialization in make-up artistry or advance make-up artistry became possible with Empire.  The union makes sense, since Empire has been a leader in cosmetology education since 1935.  Still, the Westmore Academy at Empire comes with it’s own unique little history, ingrained in the spirit of Hollywood.  Kids, it’s time to meet your make up artistry sister.


Marvin Westmore is the third generation of the Westmore Family.  He founded the academy in 1981.  Well recognized for his on screen make up, Marvin has been nominated for 6 Emmys.  He’s also a master of paramedical make-up.  At one point, a member of the Westmore family headed up every major motion picture studio in Hollywood.  They even have their own star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Impressive, right?

picture wesmore academy at empire-resized-600

The fortuitous merger means makeup artistry and advanced makeup artistry can now join the impressive cosmetology offerings of Empire Education Group.Westmore Academy at Empire specializes in one thing and one thing only: Make up.  There is also only one school, located in Hollywood, Cali.  If you have always dreamed of doing celebrity make-up or specializing in fashion photography make-up,Westmore Academy is the place for you.  Here’s the amazing part: You will still have all the benefits of Empire Education Group.  That means over 12,000 salon locations for career options through the Regis Corporation.  Whoo hoo.


If you’re curious about learning more about make-up artistry, check out the Westmore Academy website.  (You can also learn more about the Westmore family.)  The make-up artistry programs are well detailed.  You may find you just want to expand your beauty career options with an essential course (make up artistry basics are also offered in Empire Beauty School.) You can choose a level 2, level 3 or level 4 class to supplement your cosmetology education.  It’s up to you.  Empire is all about educating students and changing lives.  The Westmore Academy make-up school is just one more way we can accomplish that goal.


Hey, students, have you heard about the Westmore Academy?  What did you hear?  Do you intend to check it out?  Let us know if you’ve met your new sister.

September 1, 2011

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