The Dress Code Secrets For A Successful Interview.

by Robin Dalton

Dress Professionally.

This is what I was told way back in beauty school when I asked what I should wear to an interview. Honestly, there were two simple words that held no meaning to me whatsoever.

We hear it all the time: “Dress professionally”, “You need to look professional!” However, one thing I don’t see is someone explaining what “Dressing Professionally” actually means or looks like.

Let’s chat about that.

Dress Professionally.

“Professional Dress” means different things to different people. For kicks, I asked three of my coworkers what they thought Professional Dress meant, and with no surprise, I received three different answers. “Well, it depends on the job,” was one answer. “Button down shirt and slacks,” was another. The third was a little more specific, “Clean and sharp lines. Not a day at the beach.”

So, why is this important? Well, because each company, brand, salon, etc. all have their own style- a particular image they want consumers to see and buy into. Every company, shop, store – everyone has their own particular image. Ru Paul said it best,


“We’re all born naked and the rest is drag!”

Our image is a representation of ourselves. It’s how we choose to express ourselves to the world and all those in it. Image affects everything from the friends we choose, the relationships we get into, and yes, even landing a job. In the Beauty Industry, our image is how we express ourselves to potential employers, and we need to start taking it seriously. The question we face: Are potential employers willing to buy into us? Is our image what they are looking for? Let’s look at a few things to keep in mind when it comes to dressing for success in the beauty industry.

Understand what Professional means

o The word Professional is defined as ‘exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace.’
o How does this relate to your current style/image? Do you look workplace appropriate?

How you dress for an interview is part of your ‘First Impression’ opportunity

You only get one. Make it a good first impression.

Look through your potential employer's eyes

o Take a long look in the mirror. Study yourself head to toe. Would you hire you based on your appearance alone?
o Remember, the best way to start to show your skillset is on yourself-Walk the walk with your hair, nails, etc.

Showcase your Style

o Are your hair/nails/makeup/clothing supporting your image or hurting it?
o Remember, your style should not be something such as “just got out of bed” or “late night party at a nightclub” or even “going to the beach with friends.” Before I get hate mail for saying this, let me be clear. There is a time and a place for these styles, such as when you get out of bed or when you are at the beach; however, an interview is NOT that place. EVER.

Head to Toe

o Dressing professionally isn’t just an outfit in your style, it’s also an attitude. Wear it proudly.
o Don’t forget about feet! You might be surprised how an outfit and a job opportunity can be ruined by a pair of flip-flops. I’m serious on this one. I have actually seen this happen.

Prep the night before

O Choose your outfit the night before and decide how you will wear your hair and any cosmetics. This will eliminate the stress of trying to figure something out the next day.
O Make sure to try everything on. Does your blouse need to be pressed? Did you find a random hole in your pants? You don’t want to have a wardrobe mishap right before you need to leave, and you really don’t want your potential employer focusing on your faded shirt.
O Make sure to gather all supplies or documents you need for the interview. Again, having it all in one place helps ease nerves.

Is your heart in it?…..

o Do you really want this job? If so, ACT like it. Work for it. Own it. Be yourself.
o Don’t be surprised by bad news if you didn’t really even try. I’ve seen too many skilled stylists miss a job opportunity due to their attitude, or lack of.

Is your heart in it?…..

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April 19, 2018

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