How To Keep Your Hair In Shape For The Summer

by Robin Dalton

It’s time to get that hair in shape for summer!
That’s right, I said hair. In shape. For the summer.

Pools, Beaches, Sun, Ocean, Heat, are all things that bring a big smile to my face. These are also things that give me a headache as a stylist.

It’s like a vicious cycle that happens year after year. People use and abuse their hair during the summer months, only to find that they have a mess to deal with when the change of season comes around.

So, what does end of summer hair look like? Usually, it has one or more of the characteristics listed below:
• Extremely Dry
• Damaged
• Faded Color
• A “bleached” look from the sun
• Uneven look to the color
• Breakage
• Unmanagable

Does any of this sound like you?

In the Salon, clients come to us to fix these mishaps and the truth is, most could be avoided and prevented with a little love and care.

Here are my top tips for getting and keeping your hair in shape for the summer.

1. Change your conditioner.

Summer locks need extra moisture, so now is a great time to switch to something that offers a little more moisture than usual. I’m also a big fan of adding a hair mask to my regimen once a week.

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2. Invest in a leave-in conditioner.

Before you hop in the pool or make waves at the beach, make sure to thoroughly give your strands a spritz of a good leave in conditioner. Your hair will already have conditioners soaking, which will leave little room for drying minerals or chemicals from pool water to make their way into your hair.

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3. UV Rays can affect your hair.

Ultra Violet Rays can lighten your hair, as well as dry it out much like what the sun does to our skin when we spend too long in the sun. Some leave in’s contain UV filters to assist with this problem; however, don’t be afraid to give your strands a quick blast from a can of sunscreen. Personally, I love to do this and the sunscreen also helps protect my scalp, especially where I part my hair.

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4. Talk to your Stylist!

Talk with your Stylist! I’ll say it again… Don’t be afraid to talk with your Stylist. Tell them what your plans are and ask for their opinion. Stylists know their products, and if you talk with them and tell them about your hair challenges they will be able to recommend custom solutions.

5. Know when it’s time to let go.

At some point, you will have to come to terms with the truth. Excessively dry, overexposed and damaged hair can only be saved so many times before you need to get it cut. Be realistic about your hair goals and accept that just because your hair is still attached to your head, that it doesn’t mean it’s in the best condition it could be.



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June 29, 2018

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