How to Find a Good Hairstylist

by Empire Beauty School

A good hairstylist is a treasure. There are so many out there, but finding “the one” becomes a hunt that takes time, effort, and unfortunately, trial and error. Your stylist becomes not only a business contact, but often a therapist, friend, and someone you trust to create your image. In a world obsessed with looks and beauty, that’s a big deal.

Those that are lucky have found and kept the same stylist for years, establishing an understanding and bond from day one. We all strive for that relationship. So how do we also become a “lucky one”? Here are some ways you can spot a hairstyling genius destined to be yours for the long haul.

finding a hair stylist
  • Seek the proper referrals. It’s easy to ask a friend with nice hair for the name of their stylist, and do so if that works, but be careful. Your friend may have different hair texture, styling needs, and taste. Be sure you get the name of a stylist or salon from someone who has a hairstyle that really reflects what you want. Stop a stranger if you need to. Really- they will be flattered and will love to tell you all about their hair!
  • Get a consultation. Most good stylists will spend time asking you all about your styling routine, your desired look and more during the first meeting. This is a good time to see if the salon and stylist are a good fit and if you get a good overall feeling. Trust your instincts on this one!communicate with your hair stylist
  •  Establish rapport. Hopefully you make a connection with your stylist where you look forward to your appointments. Like any relationship with people, sometimes the personalities just aren’t a match. If the bond isn’t made after more than one visit, or you feel uncomfortable around your stylist, it’s time to move on.
  •  Be sure to speak up. This is a big one. You know how couples fail due to failure to communicate? It works the same way in business! Just because hairstylists are in charge doesn’t automatically mean they have mind reading ability. Please tell all. Don’t complain later that “they didn’t do this” or “I wish she would have…”. Cosmetology is service-oriented, aiming to please! Explain details of your color or cut.
  •  You like their look. Chances are if you like the way the hairstylist wears their own hair, clothes, etc., you will more likely form a bond. Remember, cosmetologists are walking advertisements of their work. If you already like what you see- maybe your search is over!
  •  Know when to end the search. A hairstylist needs time to know you and your hair. Don’t count them out after the first visit if you had a decent result. Not too many of us can look cover girl-ready in an initial hour visit, so don’t always jump from one stylist to another in the hope of a miracle transformation. Let that relationship grow.

Of course, you may be especially lucky and get it right just by walking into a random salon and finding an instant winning connection. It happens. All cosmetologists are trained, but all have different specialties and trends. They are all good…just find the one good for you!

March 27, 2012

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