How to Get a Perfect Topknot…Every Time

by Katie Schenk

Some ladies call it a topknot; others call it a bun.  Whatever you call it, this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for hot summer weather.  Topknots almost seamlessly move from the classroom and office to a night out with friends or a day at the beach almost seamlessly.  And, you can change it up every day for a continually fresh look.

Get Your Hair into a High Pony

You’ll need two hair bands, a few bobby pins and some hairspray to get it right.  It’s always easiest to have both bands around your wrist to start.

Pull your hair into a high pony. Turning your head upside down is always the easiest way to achieve the height.

• If you want a sleek, smooth bun, brush your hair first and add a small amount of gloss through your strands.
• For a messy topknot, you don’t need to do much but pull your hair up into a pony.
• If you have very straight hair, you may want to curl the ends first to make it easier to work with, and so the tips don’t appear spiky in the finished look.

Twist the Ends

With your pony positioned high on your head, take all your hair into your hands and twist. You’re swirling over the area with the hair band. Secure with the second hair band.

If you want a messier or looser topknot, you may want to pull your pony forwards and backwards before you twist to loosen the hairs outside of the pony.

Fix the Ends

Unless you have very long hair all over, you’re likely to have a few ends that slip out of the second hair band.  Secure these into your bun with bobby pins.  Alternatively, you can pull a few more strands out or tug gently on sections from the topknot to create a deeper texture.

Play Around with This Look

As with just about any hairstyle, a topknot always looks best when you’ve had a little fun with it or made it your own. Try these ideas for a distinctive look.

• Leave a section of hair out of the twist. Braid it and wrap the end into the second hair band.
• Divide your high pony into a few different sections,  turn and secure each one individually.
• Tie a small scarf around the base of your topknot (almost like a headband for your bun) to hide bobby pins or just because.
• Bring your hair up into the high pony with a French twist or an upside down French braid.

August 19, 2015

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