2019 Holiday Trends

by Jess Quandel

Holiday parties, family get-togethers, nights out with friends… whew. December gets busy! Need some quick advice on what’s hot and what’s not this season? No problem! Empire Beauty Schools is here to get you through the festivities in style.

Let’s start with the crown jewel, shall we? We asked Empire’s Education Team what hair styles are going to turn heads this holiday season!

Michael Rodinelli, Education Support Manager for Empire Beauty Schools in Louisville, Kentucky says get ready to rock those braids.

“Lots of loose, soft braiding is on trend right now.” Says Rodinelli. “Keep those up do’s low at the occipital area of the head for an effortless looking design.”

Not sure where the occipital area is? We’ve got you covered:

Vector Illustration Of Human skull lateral view with explanation

Vector Illustration Of Human skull lateral view with explanation

Loose is key for the season, but if you want to skip the braid, Empire’s Althea Hosler of Northeastern Pennsylvania says there’s a way to make a simple loose bun look ah-mazing!

“A low, loose bun in a relatively easy way to achieve a polished look.” says Hosler. “My favorite trick is adding a few sparkly pins or barrettes to make the style really stand out.”

“Don’t forget to pull a few pieces out to frame the face.” Says Tammy O’Neill, Senior Director of Educational Services. “Effortless and fun is the look that’s in. By pulling those face framing pieces you’ll soften the entire look into a cohesive style.”

Alright… we’ve got this hair thing down! But what about nails? You guessed it. The bling shouldn’t just be on your barrette this year.

“Dipped nails are a great way to get a long lasting manicure without the need for UV light that gel requires.” says Rodinelli. “Many nail salons offer dip services, but there are also home kits you can purchase.” So what is the hot color of the season? “Sparkles. LOTS of sparkles!”

Would it even be the holidays without sparkles? Hosler agrees they are KEY. But she prefers a slightly more subtle take on the trend.

“A nude color nail with sparkles added for embellishment will carry you through several weeks of events.” she says. “If you have multiple parties, particularly in a short amount of time, this look will go well with whatever you choose to wear.”

Hair, Nails and… makeup. Arguably the most subjective in terms of style, there are still a few standard rules to follow when glamming up for a night out.

“It’s in the fine details.” says Rodinelli. “Really take your time and be detailed in your work when applying your products. You’ll likely be wearing more make up than usual, so making sure you blend and pay attention to details. Heavier than normal eye liner will give you that extra umph you’re looking for.”

“Don’t be afraid of more sparkles!” says Hosler. “Heavier eye makeup will give you a dramatic look. Adding sparkle liner will make it pop even more! You can also do a nude eye, and go with a red sparkle lip for a different take.”

“It’s easy to go too far with holiday make up.” says O’Neill. “However, a good trick is to stick to one color palette without being too matchy matchy.”

And, O’Neill says distributing color evenly throughout your entire look will help pull it all together.

“Putting color evenly between accessories like jewelry, shoes and/or purse is key. Then match your lipstick or your eye shadow to that item.”

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November 22, 2019

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