4 Haircuts for a Round Face

by Katie Schenk

Everyone has a go-to style – even if it’s just what they wake with in the morning. But, we think a little forethought goes a long way… especially if you have a round face. Otherwise, you run the risk of your hair looking as though it’s been plastered to your head.

Short on time? You may want to take a look at these suggestions. Each one is perfect for gals with round faces.

On the Short Side

Pixies flatter round faces. But, if they’re not your favorite style, consider this:  try adding layers to your cut. The angles complement rounded cheeks, almost finishing them off perfectly and adding more definition to the cheek bones.

Angled Bobs and Lobs

If you’re after longer hair, you may want to try a bob – with or without bangs. The catch here is to keep the cut angled where you can. An angled bob is an incredible face-slimmer.

Side-Swept Bangs

When you can’t imagine life without bangs, you do want to stay away from a flat, straight line trim. It will widen your face instantly. Instead, go for a side fringe. And, the longer… the better.

To the Side… Almost Always

In fact, women with round faces want to steer clear of center parts whenever they can. Any cut that can get pushed to the side will look incredible.  It can be as long or as short as you like it.

Need help figuring out what type of face shape you have and what would be the best style, call or visit one of our local student salons.

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October 14, 2016

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