5 Hottest Summer Sandal Trends for 2018

by Megan Murray

Winter is over, and it is the best season of all: SANDAL SEASON. Now, sandals aren’t always appropriate for every work environment (like the salon…never wear sandals in the salon), but they are great for hot summer nights and lazy spring days.

Here are the hottest trends in sandals for the upcoming fashion warm-up:

Strappy Sandals

Was there a time when strappy sandals weren’t on trend? This year, however, the term “strap” gets literal.  Designers like Sakai and Altuzarra went a little more industrial with the term by using actual rope.  Never fear, delicate, classic looks will never go away, but there is room to be bold and experiment.


The saying goes, “ No white shoes after Labor Day.”  You can ignore that, because white sandals are hot for spring, and white is going to be hot for the rest of 2018.  Designers like Louis Vuitton and Valentino showed fierce, futuristic, white shoe styles, and it is really important to follow their lead.  White sandals can go toddler or grandma really quick, so keep it fresh!


Stack heeled silver sandals are the most perfect shoe of the summer.  Silver is a neutral that can work with casual, dressy, or fashion-forward outfits.  Even silver flip-flops can make a trip to the grocery store feel like a stomp down the runway.


When you want simple elegance, slide into a mule.  These sandals are a throwback to 90’s style and are a little more buttoned up than other summer shoe options.  Mules are also great for the transition between late summer and early fall.

Floral Prints

Do not be afraid of prints this season. Bold floral shoes can be a show-stopping fashion accessory when added to a monochromatic outfit.  Also, don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Florals and stripes look surprisingly modern and chic together when carefully matched for color and size.  And remember, if it doesn’t go with anything…it goes with everything.

Just a reminder: With great sandals comes great responsibility. Make sure post winter toes don’t ruin your look.

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April 19, 2018

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