Beauty Trends: Fall 2020

by Jess Quandel

As temperatures are cooling down, new beauty trends are heating up.
Empire Beauty School is staying up-to-date on all of the cutting-edge styles expected to make an appearance in the Fall of 2020.

“The Money Piece” hair coloring technique is growing in popularity. This face-framing highlight is brightening yet warm and typically ranges from carmel to deep-blonde in color. While traditional highlights are distributed throughout a full head of hair, “The Money Piece” is reserved for the pieces of hair surrounding the face. For those that are ready for a hair-lightening change this season but still want to stick with a warmer color palette, “The Money Piece,” might be the golden look for you this Fall.

In the spirit of preparing their hair for the cooler months, many are also having keratin treatments done to infuse strength and shine back into their hair. Keratin is a protein naturally found in all hair. However, sun exposure, chlorine, salt, and other chemicals and activities can strip keratin from the hair over time. At the end of a long summer, many are choosing to restore this keratin back into their hair with the help of hair care professionals. Keratin treatments are beneficial to all hair types, so if your hair seems dull and frizzy from too much fun-in-the-sun, it might be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a licensed professional to treat your hair with its own keratin spa day.

Brick-red lip and nail products are also in vogue this Fall, especially when paired with natural eye-make-up. This red strays away from the traditionally vivid, cherry-red, and is brownish in tone. The warmth and depth of this red make it the perfect shade for crisp autumn days.

The cosmetic development that has grown the most rapidly in popularity in recent months is eyelash extensions. While this technique must be done by a licensed specialist to ensure safety and quality, eyelash extensions have become a game-changer for many this year. Not only are they completely safe when done by a professional, but they are also taking the place of mascara. Waking up with long, silk, natural-looking lashes each morning means one less step in your beauty routine.

Extensions are only one lash trend entering the scene this Fall. Eyelash perming and tinting are also on the rise. Not to be confused with hair-perming, eyelash perming is a much more delicate procedure that acts more as a “lash-lift.” Tinting can be very beneficial for those who have naturally blonde or fair eyelashes and want their eyes to pop a bit more without the application of mascara.

In summation, if you’re considering a seasonal makeover that will make a statement while also staying true to the current trends, replenish your locks with a keratin treatment, brighten-up your face with “The Money Piece,” put on the color of Fall with a brick-red lip and nail, and meet with a trusted professional that can enhance your eyes with beautiful, silk lashes. Fall is going to look stunning on you.

If you are interested in trying some of these Fall trends, book your appointment at the Empire Beauty School close to you.


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September 30, 2020

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