Summer Fashion Scopes

by Megan Murray

After months of unfortunate weather, the sun is smiling down on us and summer is on its way.

Now is the perfect time for Summer Fashion Scopes! Let’s look to the stars for fashion inspiration:

Aries – Aries personality is well matched by bright primary colors. Ultra Violet and Hot Orange make a bold statement, which is perfect for the fieriest of fire signs.

Taurus – No one likes practical luxury more than earthy Taurus, and this season’s chunky heeled sandal is the perfect shoe for this sign’s elegant strength. For a little fun, try a metallic or funky print.

Gemini – Gemini is known for its duality, which is why edgy sportswear is perfect for the twins this season. Don’t be afraid to wear joggers and a little white tank with a strand of pearls and sky-high heels.

Cancer: An easy floral mini-dress is perfect for the romantic and nurturing Cancer. Add an armful of silver bangles and dangling silver earrings, and you will be on trend with the essence of your star-sign.

Leo: The lion loves drama, and nothing is more dramatic than fringe embellishment. Fringe has gone from boho to roaring 20’s this season, and no one can pull this diva look off quite like a Leo.

Virgo: Puff sleeved blouses are perfect for Virgo’s crisp femininity. These tops look best for this practically perfect earth sign when they are constructed of structured fabrics like starched cotton.

Libra: Libras are about beauty and balance, and a perfectly tailored suit in an unexpected print will tip the scales toward fashion. If the weather and your style are at odds, add a starched men’s shirt to a cute flowery skirt to beat the heat.

Scorpio: If there is one sign that isn’t afraid of shoulder pads, it is the scorpion. Lucky for them, 80’s silhouettes are back. If you are not quite ready for an all-out Dynasty moment, consider a pair of spiky shoes, or a pair of high waisted denim shorts paired with your favorite 80’s band tour shirt.

Sagittarius: Sunny optimism is the hallmark of the Sagittarius, which makes this season’s must-have canary yellow perfect for the zodiac’s archer. You will hit the fashion mark with a breezy yellow dress or bright accessories.

Capricorn: Fashion and function is the battle cry of the Capricorn, and the summer’s must-have raincoat fits in well with this strong aesthetic. Whimsical vinyl coats in transparent neon colors and crazy prints will keep you dry and in style during summer storms.

Aquarius – The water bearer is perfectly suited for the glorious tropical prints of the season. These flowery, bright, expressive prints are a reflection of your free-spirited and imagination.

Pisces: Pisces will take to pastels like a…well…you get it. While brights are hot, pastels are still having a moment. Watery pastels like blue and green are perfect for your creative, romantic spirit, and it seems that lilac maybe the next “it” color.

NOTE TO ALL SIGNS – You may start to hear about “bum bags.” They are trying to fool you. Bum Bags are fanny packs. They are really, really expensive fanny packs.
Please note, these horoscopes are for entertainment purposes, not scientific, and kind of made up. But have some fun this summer! Try something new. Look for inspiration everywhere, and let’s try and be kind to ourselves and to others.

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June 11, 2018

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