End of Summer Hair Colors & Styles

by Lorraine Letcavage

There’s Still Time for Summer Hairstyle Fun!

There’s something about summer that screams excitement. You can feel activity in the air as more people are out and about, laughing and smiling. The weather is hot, the fashions are cool, and stylish sun lovers among us crave a carefree hairstyle to embrace the vibe. Summer remains busy with fun in the sun- we just can’t get enough of it! To keep us looking good while temperatures rise in the dog days of summer, find simple styles that hold up in heat and humidity. Need help? Check out these sizzling hair looks that salon experts still see as the best-tressed end-of-season styles:

Beat Summer Heat with Cool Cuts and Styles


Created by Student: @britni_tyler from our Empire Portage Campus. ⁣

Braids are the go-to style for the season of heat. You can dress them up, dress them down, wear them loose and casual, or tight and formal. Add accessories to their twisty allure, like summer flowers or sparkly clips and heads will turn! Swim and play in them too. Favorites include the messy side braid, crown braids, waterfall, box braids, and super-cute space bun braids. See this braiding tutorial here for simple styles.

Modern Shag Cuts.

Wash and go with minimal effort and still look great with this trend. Worn straight or wavy, it’s a winner this season. Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist, says “This cut looks great on pretty much everyone and most hair textures- especially if you’ve got a bit of natural wave or bend in your hair”. He recommends adding face-framing layers to make your features really pop.

Wispy Bangs.

Credit : Andrea Russett


Many of us love wearing bangs, but let’s face it- they get heavy and flat or wild and frizzy in humidity. Lose the weight by adding texture during the summer months. This style eases our styling pain by being less blunt and more piecey. Plus, these lash-skimming bangs focus on your pretty eyes and look totally flirty!

Curly Bangs.

What better time than summer to embrace that natural wave you were blessed with. To get it right, find a stylist who specializes in dry cutting. Celeb hairstylist and Dove curl expert Cynthia Alvarez explains that this method helps to determine where bangs will best frame the face and how curls act in their natural state.

Bobs and Lobs.

Credit : Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


This cut isn’t going away but instead evolves for each season. For summer, the idea is ease of styling. Try the Collarbone Lob, cut at a length that’s universally flattering. Blunt ends grazing the collarbone keeps hair lightweight. Rounded Bobs remain a classic and super-cute in summer. Curly Lobs and Wavy Bobs are stylish looks for women with natural curls. Textured Bobs are light and loose and hold up in humid weather.

Hot Summer Haircolor Ideas You’ll Love

Make classics more fun and trend cuts extra-edgy with these summer-into-fall hair color ideas, which are vivid and playful this year.

Blue Tips.

The color of water and sky is super summer-friendly, so it makes sense to take the plunge toward blue hair. Bring out your inner mermaid with blue tips just on the ends and add waves for emphasis. You’ll be the coolest girl on the beach!

Pastel Pink.

As a highlight or an all-over hue, get the vibe of pink sands with this flattering shade. Angelic looking on blondes, pink is a bit tricky on dark hair but can be done. Ask your colorist for a deep pink or rose shade with plenty of pigment to complement the dark base.

Pale Peach/Gold.

Credit : @bescene


Pretty in peach? Yes, please! There are so many tones of peach, from rose to copper to gold, that you can surely pick a peach just right for your complexion and base color.

Copper Ribbons.


Summer isn’t just for blondes- let brunettes shine on with shimmery copper highlights. Keep hair healthy while getting your glow on by placing this tone creatively on select strands. It’s an intriguing look that catches the light in all the right places.

Face Framing Hues.

Play it safe but still look chic with face-framing highlights. This classic beach babe look is always in style because it’s easy and can work on any hair type. Dark-haired manes should ask their stylist which shade will lift without turning orange. Perhaps shimmering copper or a golden glow would be best. They’re the colors of sunshine, after all!

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August 8, 2019

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