Beauty is in the Eye of the Knowledge Holder – A Thank You to Educators

by Empire Beauty School


C--Users-cmcguckin-Pictures-If you can read this thank a teacherEver seen the bumper sticker “If you can read this… thank a teacher“? Educators are the pivotal cornerstone of our society. Without someone to show us the way, we as a society would not have experienced the cultural breakthroughs that have made this world a better place.  This includes the world of beauty!


Today marks the beginning of Educator Appreciation Week and to celebrate we would like to thank all our educators, who make Empire what it is. We are an Education company, teaching is our mission, helping others is our DNA. Educators make up the backbone of this organization. They are our leaders, our trainers and our guides. We owe them all a debt of gratitude for the efforts they put forth every day to help students on their path to success. It is our teachers that make us who we are and help our students transform into the professionals they will become.


Cosmetology is a demanding field; it requires an extensive amount of knowledge and years of practice to be the best. That knowledge and the foundation of that experience is given to us by our teachers. By someone willing to take the time to teach us how, explain why, and help us avoid the pitfalls of trial and error.

In recognition of all the great work and tremendous effort each and every one of our educators puts forth every day, we will be highlighting a few of our outstanding educators each day this week on our Facebook page, Best Beauty School Educators.

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Please join me in expressing a heart felt and deeply appreciative thank you to each and every one of the educators who have touched our lives in one way or another. And, a special thank you to the educators here at Empire Education Group – some of the best and most passionate in the industry!

A message from Margie Wagner-Clews, Vice President of Educator Development; to our Educators

Empire Education Group salutes our wonderful faculty, who better the lives of our students every day. There are few other professions that are as selfless as that of an educator – someone dedicated to enriching the lives of others. This week we say thank you – for all that you do!

If you feel the calling to give back, consider becoming a Beauty School Educator. Empire can help you become certified as a Teacher of Cosmetology.

Have you passed your State Boards, landed your first job or grown in a career where you love what you do? Use the comment area below to leave a thank you for a teacher that helped you, and share your story.

May 7, 2012

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