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5 Secrets Stylists Want To Tell You

BlogBeauty Career, Beauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips | February 6, 2012

Hair Stylist

1. We don’t like to “fit you in” for an appointment.
This happens all too often. The hot date or big bash is this weekend and you don’t like what you see in the mirror. In panic mode, you dial the salon and try to get in for a beauty fix ASAP. Your stylist, who is very good at her job, naturally has no openings. “No way, fit me in, I’m a good customer”, you beg, to no avail. And there it is…the sad ending to a once happy hair relationship!

The lesson: Know your hair and schedule enough to make appointments in advance, preferably at the end of your last service. You’ll get the best time slot, plus it shows loyalty to your stylist. The payoff? Super salon treatment!

2. We really want you to use the good salon hair products.
Sure, it seems like a sales ploy when we explain how great the products are that we use in your hair during your color or styling session. We mention they are on sale. And yes, sometimes we get a small commission on them. But we do care, really we do. It’s not all about money. See details here.Professional Products

Why? Well, you are a walking billboard of our work. If you don’t maintain the great look we provide, we suffer. No referrals, call-backs, no business! So trust your stylist. We know what works, and we want you to have color that lasts, and healthy, shiny hair. It’s a win-win for us both!

3. Tips are very much appreciated.
Don’t blame us for the price of all the services you want and then stiff us on the tip. We work hard to make you look marvelous. We stand all day, endure years of training and work experience, and then offer top notch customer service in order to please you. We remember who tips well and we’ll go out of our way to return the kindness. We also remember who doesn’t tip…very clearly. Some of us don’t get paid a lot, so this is our bread and butter.

The lesson: How much to tip and who gets it? 15-20% of the ticket price is the norm for stylists, and yes, salon owners who actually perform services appreciate tips. Some are the sole owner/operator and do it all, so they deserve a tip. Don’t forget to tip a few dollars to the shampoo person or stylist’s assistant if there is one. Read: How to Tip a Hairstylist.

4. Give us feedback.
Just like workers in any trade, we want to know if we did a good job. It’s no different with hair stylists.

Why? We thrive on feedback, since our creations are visual. When you leave without a word, we worry if you might have hated our work. We worry more what you tell others, as referrals are our driving force. So please, let’s talk about that finished creation on your head. If you’re not happy, we can work with you- but we have to know. On the bright side, if you love the end result- smile, tell me, text me, call me- let’s both be happy. Spread the joy! (Referrals, referrals…:))

5. We want to build a relationship; just give us one-on-one time.

It never ceases to amaze us how some people think we can work wonders with shears and precision color brushes while they’re on the cell phone blabbing away, scolding their kids while they run rampant, or barking orders to disinterested spouses as they wait impatiently.

The lesson: This is time for you to relax and let us focus on our number one priority: you! If we can talk about hair, beauty, or your lifestyle just a bit, we can really make a big difference in your look, encourage subtle (or major) flattering changes, and hopefully be someone you just can’t wait to talk to about life, love, or the latest episode of The Bachelor.
(Click here for great insight on stylist/client relationships:

My lesson: Beauty buzz, fun conversation AND great hair? Sounds like an appointment worth scheduling ahead for! Plus, my stylist works hard and really cares- she deserves a great tip. Oh, and I’ll be sure she knows I love the look, since all my friends have been saying “great hair” to me ever since! I bet that awesome shine spray she suggested has something to do with it. You know what? My stylist is smart. I think I’ll do what she says, and talk to her more often.
Maybe she’ll tell me more secrets!

Written by Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School is a leading cosmetology and beauty educator with over 100 beauty schools and cosmetology schools in the United States. Empire Beauty School offers a variety of beauty programs and cosmetology courses including cosmetology, esthetics, make-up artistry, and cosmetology educator training.

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