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What kind of training does Empire Beauty School offer?

BlogBeauty Career | July 2, 2014

Deciding on a career can be a scary decision, but once you’ve made up your mind you then need to figure out where to get your education.  If you’re thinking about a career in Cosmetology let me be the first to say you’re making a great choice!  This industry has been so good to me, and I could not be happier that I made the decision to pursue hair, skin, nails, and makeup.  Figuring out where to get your education can make or break your outlook on your entire career, so it is best to choose wisely, and do your research.  While I can’t speak to other Cosmetology schools, I can certainly fill you in on what Empire has to offer!

You are given a variety of CLiC mannequin heads in your student kit which you will work extensively on each of them.

Hands-On Learning

A large portion of your time with Empire will be spent practicing techniques that your Educator has taught you.  From day 1 of school, you’ll be working on your mannequin(s), which is the best way to learn your skill set.  The beginning part of your Cosmetology program is called ‘Pre-Salon’ and it is where you’ll learn the basics of all the aspects of Cosmetology, and believe me when I say there is wayyyyy more to learn than you might realize.  Empire prides itself on teaching all hair textures, rather than just a certain one, so that our graduates are prepared to service any client that sits in their chair throughout their career.

There will of course be days when you are asked to bring in a model to work on as well, because as hard as we try to make the mannequins realistic, you can’t have a proper consultation with a mannequin.  Friends and family will jump at the opportunity to have you work on them while you’re learning, trust me.  Classmates will also service as a model for you from time to time as well because “if you’re going to learn it, you gotta do it!” as one of our Educators says.  A majority of our students (if not all) suggest that they are hands-on, visual learners, so this way of teaching really sets our students up for success.

The Clic curriculum is designed to be a visual, hands-on learning experience. Cosmetology students learn best by seeing and interacting with their learning materials and the Clic textbooks are designed with this in mind.

CLiC Materials

Certified Learning in Cosmetology, or CLiC is a visually intensive and dynamic approach to learning that works exclusively with Empire to develop textbooks, mannequins, and tools for our students to learn.  The textbooks are extremely visual, loaded with photographs and color, step-by-step, and lots of detail to maximize learning.  The mannequins will have 100% human hair, bendable ears (great for when you’re learning Barbering), and are hand-sewn to really look and feel like a client’s scalp.  These materials are designed to inspire each of our students, even when they are working on Theory, and range in subject from Hairdesigning to Success Dynamics.  All of the textbooks are digital, so when students are working from the textbooks our Educators can display the current pages on the Smart board which allows students to focus on the Educators demonstration as well.

Clients can request a Future Professional any time they book a service, which is a great way to begin building the ever important client base while still in school!

Salon Experience

When students complete the Pre-Salon portion of the program, they move to the Student Salon.  This is where it gets more exciting for our Future Professionals, because they work on the Student Salon a majority of their week taking actual clients for services.  Educators work with each student on consultations, techniques to be used, product knowledge, etc. for each client to ensure both the Future Professional and the client have a great experience every time!  The classroom time spent in this part of the program teaches Future Professionals advanced skills and procedures, job search, and State Board preparation.  While the State Board exam can seem intimidating, Empire prides itself on having Future Professionals prepared for the exam by administering a Mock State Board exam on campus for students to practice for the real thing.  This is an invaluable asset to students so they know exactly what to expect on the day of the exam, and can feel confident about both the written and practical portion.

All of our Educators at any campus nationwide are licensed and passionate about the success of every Future Professional they meet.  Cosmetology is always changing, and Empire works hard to stay on the cutting edge of education so that our Future Professionals graduate completely ready for their career in hair, skin, nails, and makeup!

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Lauryn Salzwedel

Written by Lauryn Salzwedel

A licensed cosmetologist for 5 years, and over 12 years in the industry. I love all things beauty, and could not have found a more amazing career field. I no longer work behind the chair, but am still just as passionate about Cosmetology! Working as a Career Planning Specialist gives me the opportunity to get anyone and everyone just as excited about Cosmetology as I am!

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