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How to Become a Successful Nail Tech?

BlogBeauty Career | July 14, 2014

I visit salons on a regular basis and the most common thing I see is Nail Techs not offering a full menu. They are only performing services like Manicures, Pedicures or Gel Manicures.  Some of the excuses I hear are   “Acrylic is dead, gel enhancements aren’t requested, our mission is to protect the natural nail, or spas don’t perform enhancement services.”  These are all excuses for the fact that they didn’t want to LEARN to effectively give the customer what they want.  In order to be a successful nail tech you have to have a good balance of marketing and nail care skills.

Could you make as much money taking the easy road?

The answer is yes, but what about your personal skill level?  What about the passion and drive to do anything and everything you can with your skill?  I can speak for most well-known, successful nail technicians in this industry.  They would say life is about doing what you think you cannot do, pushing your limits, competing with yourself and no one else.  They are always trying to perfect new products, styles, sculpting skills and service time.

Want to be an educator for a manufacturer someday?

Educating others is a truly rewarding experience and can lead to travel, new friendships and productive networking.  Since most states require teaching certificates for a Nail Technician to be able to teach, manufacturer’s educators are the exception to that rule.  In most cases you can teach without it.  Most will not take a second look at you if you are not doing enhancement services or nail art.   Educators are hired based on two things, skills and location.  You could be in the best location there is but without true skill, you won’t be a desirable candidate.

What are you afraid of most?

Take it, practice it, and get a patient customer to work on or work on yourself.  Point is, get over the fear.    Be the nail technician that can do anything.   Be the nail technician who isn’t going to settle for a day’s worth of manicures when she can create the next  magazine cover.  Get the industry magazines that cater to Nail Technicians and look at some of the work done by others.  Let it inspire you.   Being better than you were yesterday is the best thing you can do for you!

 Are you thinking about becoming a Nail Technician?  What goals do you have?


Renee Meyers

Written by Renee Meyers

An Empire graduate who has been a nail technician for 19 years and has had her work published in trade magazines as well as local newspapers. She leads teams for NY Fashion Week as well as many other Public Relations events. She has done services on celebrities such as Fergie, The Kardashians and Nicki Minaj. She is an award winning Guest Artist for OPI Products, Inc. She has a unique passion for education and strives to bring each student to a new level of enthusiasm, purpose, and ability.


  • phoenicia says:

    Interested in nail technition

  • DeeAustell says:

    I am a licensed nail technician and want to be able to offer Acrylic Overlays, and Gel Nails but I don’t feel that my skill level is sufficient. I do practice; probably not enough. I get frustrated once I feel that the outcome doesn’t look good, and I stop. I just don’t feel comfortable do them. I don’t really have an artistic eye, so my nail art skills are at beginner’s level. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to perform all the services that I am limited in. The school that I went to only taught us enough just to pass state boards. Now they are out of business. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I know that I am missing out on a lot of business. But I don’t want to offer a service that I don’t feel adequate in performing.

    • Heidi says:

      I would suggest finding nail technicians that have been doing nails for a while and ask them for tips on your work. YouTube is a great place to find people like Greg from Young Nails. YouTube has been my best friends since graduating school :)

  • manveen says:

    Acrylic nail design really quite difficult.but it has awesome glossy results.I love to try and do acrylic nails.

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