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Positivity: How it Can Change Your Life

BlogBeauty Student Advice | November 18, 2013

At each orientation I speak to the students about positivity. There is nothing better you can do for yourself and those around you than to keep a positive outlook on life. It is one of the things people around you will notice quickly and appreciate, even if they don’t quite realize it at first. I have worked in a customer-service based industry for years, long before I started working at Empire. It’s amazing what even a simple smile can do to put others at ease and make them feel comfortable in your presence.  As a cosmetologist you will need to know how to do both of these things when working with clients.

I love people; I love talking to them, getting to know them, and having fun while doing it. Anyone looking to get into the field of cosmetology typically says something to me along those lines as to why they are looking to start school. I hear, “I want to make people happy.” It may sound cheesy, but that desire in others will never cease to make me happy as well. The first time you greet someone, it should be with a smile. Even just passing someone in the hall that you’ve never met; smile at him or her; it does make a difference. You’ll probably bump into them again in the bathroom or getting something out of the dispensary and they will remember. This sort of positivity and general kindness will carry over into any work environment you put yourself into.

I have written before about the nerves that accompany a student’s first day of school. Being open and willing to talk to and smile at other people will truly help you get to know them. When you first meet a client you want to form a sort of bond with them; good relationships that will make them want to come back and see you and only you. Just smile and talk; it does wonders. Aside from just clients, this is something that is quite important inside the classroom as well. You’d much rather be the person everyone knows they can talk to as opposed to the one that’s nice, sure, but not very friendly.

If you never say an ill word about anyone, people will trust you. Gossip is one of the most vicious things simply because even the smallest comment can be taken out of context when repeated for the eleventh time by someone who heard it from so-and-so. Gossip is the grown-up version of the telephone game from childhood and, yes, it can be very fun, but it can also be nothing but lies and miscommunications by its end. If you don’t participate, you will never be caught in one of those lies or half-truths that are circulating. Someone might tell you something, but let that be where it ends. Don’t go and tell someone else. School can be the first of the amazing communities you encounter in your career as a cosmetologist. Do your best to contribute positively and I promise the rewards will be more than worth all the smiles you put in.

Alexandra Luce

Written by Alexandra Luce

I have been with Empire since September of 2012 and every day my students teach me something new. I love having the opportunity to meet people excited about the industry. It's always amazing to see a student's transformation from their first meeting with me through their graduation day. Blogging with Empire gives me a chance to share my experiences and utilize my background in English. Working in the Rochester area has been amazing and I look forward to meeting some of you here in the future.

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