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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Damaged Hair

BlogBeauty Tips | November 26, 2013

Most of us have to deal with problem hair at one time or another. It can be too flat, too curly, too light, too dark…the list goes on and on. But a common frustrating problem we tend to experience (especially during winter months) is coping with dry, damaged hair. The cold harsh winds, dry indoor heat, and static in the air all take its toll on our once lovely locks. How do we get our style back? Can we recover? Read on for some answers to this challenging situation!

1. Do I really have to cut off my damaged ends?

Unfortunately, doing this will bring the quickest and most attractive result. It really helps to eliminate lifeless hair and start fresh with hair you’ll vow to take care of. In other words, sometimes losing your length is a painful but valuable lesson on taking preventative measures in the future. Plus, a short cut may look great while your hair is healing! Make the best of it and embrace change.
But if you really dread parting with your current style, you can take steps to repair hair. It will cost some time and money, but if you love your look, it’s worth it.

2. Which shampoo will work best on dry hair?

Definitely choose a high quality salon shampoo to repair straw-like strands. This is no time to cut corners, as you need the best ingredients to quench the dryness. Try a shampoo that has a pearly rather than clear texture, because this indicates the presence of moisturizers. Also look for vitamins, protein and amino acids as ingredients. Shy away from any with alcohol-based ingredients that can make dry hair worse.

3. I know conditioner helps, but how can I choose with so many options out there?

The reason for vast variety in conditioners is to provide consumers with specialty formulas to accommodate their large scope of hair types, colors and extent of damage. For instance, if you have fine hair with mildly dry ends, you would not want to choose a heavy cream or oil that will coat fine hair and weigh it down. So choose carefully, and read labels! Let your stylist suggest the best for your situation. Who else knows your hair better?

To learn more, read about the different types of conditioner that are available. Also check out the latest fad, argan oils, also known as Moroccan oil. They really work!

4. Do my styling tools cause the damage?

Heat styling tools can cause damage if used incorrectly or too often. Also, use a conditioner formulated for heated tools right before blow drying and before using styling irons or rollers. Think of this product as a protective coating for hair, just like a sunscreen is a protective coating on skin before being exposed to heat. Hair and skin are similar in chemical structure, so think of that next time you “burn” unprotected hair.
Click here to review what causes hair damage besides your best-loved styling implements.

5. Is healthy hair always about choosing the right products?

Although correct products for your particular hair type will play a role in both prevention and treatment of damage, there are more factors that play out in hair health. Getting the right cut means less manipulation from teasing and curling, etc. Over- coloring hair is also damaging, especially if bleach is used (yes, blond highlights, this means you!). Go easy once dryness sets in.

Eating good nutritious foods affects hair health as well as your own, as do medications and medical issues. Monitor what you use, eat and do to discover what may be the problem, and then make some positive changes!

Readers, what are some of your biggest questions when it comes to hair?

Lorraine Letcavage

Written by Lorraine Letcavage

Lorraine has been involved with the beauty school industry for over 5 years, having been employed as a copywriter, editor and blog writer for Empire Education Group. Most of her career has been in Education, as she has a passion to learn and share knowledge to benefit others. She has a BA in English and enjoys writing newsletters, marketing material, and informative pieces for various companies and websites. A self-professed beauty product junkie, Lorraine reads about all the latest trends and uses her connections in the salon industry to stay current in cosmetology.

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