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Pedicures Pay The Bills

BlogBeauty Tips | March 26, 2014

“Feet ARE GROSS!”   I wish I had a dime for every time I heard this come out of someone’s mouth.    Truth is your hands will have many more opportunities than your feet will to come in contact with pathogenic bacteria.

Here is the reality.     Nail services this year have seen record growth.    7.47 Billion dollars this year in services and 21.3% of those services are Pedicures.    Pedicures are the SECOND HIGHEST nail service performed in salons yearly.     Second only to gel services which have hit the #1 spot three years running at 25.9%.    What do all these numbers mean?      These numbers mean ALL Salon owners want a piece of that 2.85 BILLION dollar pedicure business.    Simply stated, if you’re not doing pedicures, you’re not very attractive to potential employers.

To make yourself a great pedicure nail artist, you must ask yourself WHY people get pedicures.     One pedicure does not satisfy all, so here’s where I come in.    I am going to show you what I see missing in almost ALL salons that I visit, A KILLER pedicure menu that satisfies every person who walks in the door.

The 15-25 Age Group:    These ladies are not only in a hurry, but they usually have pretty nice feet.    The effects of age and too many stiletto heels have not yet taken their toll.   They are also usually on a limited income.    What does this mean to you?    They are looking for places that take walk-ins, they do not need the exfoliation or foot file skin removal but they do like the massage.    They really just want nice toes and are more prone to get nail art.    Create a perfect 30 minute pedicure featuring a light moisturizing massage and nail art for $28.00.

The 26-45 Age Group:   These ladies aren’t just ladies anymore.   More and more men in this age range are getting pedicures.    Do you have a special men’s pedicure with products scented specifically for men?    This age group also needs a little more R & R.     The massage is definitely a must but so is the exfoliation as our skin has evolved into something similar to dry leather.  Foot files and exfoliation scrubs must accompany these services so that they can literally FEEL what a pedicure has done for them.    This age group has a more liberal budget as well and is more likely to splurge on a special service.   Hour long pedicure featuring the works for $52.00

The 45-65 Age Group:  What we see the most in this age group is feet or toenails changing due to age, prescription medications or neglect.    Client consultations are most recommended at this age group as well since heart conditions requiring blood thinners or diabetes could really alter what your service consists of.    Massage may have to be kept light for the patient on blood thinners.   No toenail cutting for the Diabetic.    Their skin and toenails will present more challenges but you can handle it.   You can customize an hour long service for each customer.   Tell them what their customized pedicure will entail and why.   Everyone LOVES a customized service and it shows you really care about the health of their nails and feet.

Now that you have some good tools to start with, go get some of that 2.8 BILLION!


Renee Meyers

Written by Renee Meyers

An Empire graduate who has been a nail technician for 19 years and has had her work published in trade magazines as well as local newspapers. She leads teams for NY Fashion Week as well as many other Public Relations events. She has done services on celebrities such as Fergie, The Kardashians and Nicki Minaj. She is an award winning Guest Artist for OPI Products, Inc. She has a unique passion for education and strives to bring each student to a new level of enthusiasm, purpose, and ability.

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