Campuses — 29 March 2011

brides-north-carolina-empire-beautyEmpire Beauty School in Concord, NC, added a new element of challenge and excitement to the Advanced Long Hair and Theories curriculum by staging a wedding-themed competition between three advanced classes.

Each class was randomly assigned a wedding theme: traditional, Hawaiian or trendy.  For their final grade, classed stretched their creative skills to produce three amazing weddings based on their class theme.  Hair, make-up, nails, wardrobe, music, and staging were all part of the competition.

The traditional wedding package came complete with a bridal party, a radiant bride walking down the aisle, an adoring groom, wedding cake, and favors.  The Hawaiian wedding was resplendent with hula girls proceeding an exotically adorned bride down the aisle, a candlelit walk-way, a Hawaiian pastor and a blue-haired groom.  The punk rock/trendy bride provided cutting edge flair with a custom-made gown, edgy hair and make-up and a groom with an attitude that just wouldn’t quit.

The event was a collaborative effort between the advanced and freshman instructors.  The traditional wedding was produced by Monique Gayle’s class; the Hawaiian wedding was produced by Elpiniki Karagiannis’s class; and the punk rock wedding was produced by Ebony Jones’ class.

Sylvia Boulware’s and Lavonia Hasty’s freshman classes voted on the best production, and awarded Ms. Karagiannis’s class Hawaiian-themed wedding best all-around production.