Campuses — 08 April 2009


September 6, 2009

Jill Sheetz, writing for the Reading Eagle, celebrates a local woman “bringing smiles to children’s faces and their families by offering free haircuts to underprivileged students ages 5 to 10.” She gives the haircuts, “including shampoo and style,” in the beauty salon she operates out of her home.

After graduating from the Empire Beauty School in Reading, Pennsylvania, Junide Lormeau opened Junide’s Unisex Beauty Salon. Interviewed for the Reading Eagle article, she said, “I had a plan this year to help because I have so many friends and family who do not have jobs. I thought I could help with my services.” She contacted numerous pastors in Reading area churches and asked them to pass along information about her beauty service for the children. “I know there are some children who have never gone to a beauty salon,” she said.

In the article, Jill Sheetz says that “Lormeau has had help from her friend and fellow church member Carole Yechnik, a former instructor at Empire Beauty School.”