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Empire’s Future Pro Expo 2011..Highlights And Competition Winners!

BlogContests | May 19, 2011


A Highlight of an AMAZING weekend and a list of WINNERS!!

2011’s Future Pro Expo began on Saturday with our students coming to Hershey,Pa with anticipation and excitement!!  There were buses and buses of student’s coming from all over the country representing our 102 schools in 22 states.
Future Pro Expo just begining

Students came with such energy as they rallied together with chants, dances, and signs.  They even were handing out small tokens to everyone, like mardi gras beads, candy, bracelets to show their support of their school.

One of the NEWEST addition’s to the Empire team that made it’s debut at this year’s Future Pro Expo is Empire’s Mascot Trend-e. Everyone was encouraged to take their picture with our new mascot.  Pictures were then uploaded on our Empire Education Group Facebook page for everyone to tag themselves.

Empire's Mascot

Sunday was a packed day for our students.  At 9AM the Trade Show floor opened and our students were able to check out all the great products from all the Beauty Vendors. Products like – shears, capes, brushes, flat irons,blow dryers, clippers, nail polish etc. but one of the most popular products was the hair extensions.  The vendors even helped educate our students by demonstrating their products and giving them some tips.

Future Pro Vendors

Outside the Trade Show Floor was our Network Cafe– which hosted 8 different venues such as- JC Penney’s, Great Clips, SmartStyle, MasterCuts, Holiday Hair Salons, Sports Clips, and Arrojo Advanced Education.  Our future Professionals were able to meet and chat to these salon and industry representatives about the skills and training they will need  for their future, and possible job opportunities.

empire's Network Cafe

From 10AM – 11AM we had our morning competitions in Nail Artistry, Men’s Trend Cut, and Make-Up Artistry. Plus, around the competition room were story boards of Twisted Texture Challenge, which students were to present photos of polished masterpieces, complete with texture, colors and styles of the finished design. This part of the competition was closed to spectators in order to give our competitors the opportunity to really focus on their work.  It takes a lot of concentration and you have to be very meticulous when applying nail and make-up designs.  EVERYONE really is a winner because the talent is just AMAZING!

Morning Competitions

Throughout the day on Sunday and Monday morning students had the opportunity to sit in on different hands-on workshops led by some of the top industry icons and manufacuters like Sexy Hair, Goldwell, Matrix, ISO, and Odyssey Nails.  Even Brig Van Osten made a surprise visit in one of the classes.  She spoke to them about her journey and gave them some encouraging advice of how to “NEVER to give up on your dream“. She was really an inspiration for the students.


Competition doors opened at 4:30 and the EXCITEMENT began for the biggest competition yet.  I can’t even tell you how much energy filled that room. It was a huge party! Our student’s really know how to support each other.  Then at 5:00 the time started and our competitors were off to vie for incredible prizes as the judges were walking around deciding who would take home the trophies.  I would not want to be one of the judges this year because they sure had there work cut out. As the competitors were working hard the crowd of students were cheering them on.

For all the picture of the competition go to


After a long day of competing and rallying the students were then invited to go to Hershey Park for the evening.  Even though it was raining for most of the night, the rain did let up so that the students were able to get on some of the rides and enjoy the park.

On Monday morning, Nick Arrojo took the stage to present to the students new trends and techniques while giving them some essential tips on how to make their dream career come true.  He spoke to them about how “Time is Money” and how he requires everyone in his salon to wear a watch.  He also said to them “You are all WINNERS and the only one you are competing against is YOURSELF!

At 1:00, everyone was invited back to the convention hall for the Awards Ceremony.  During the Awards, Frank Schoeneman called Nick Arrojo up on stage to join him in announcing the Master Apprentice Contest.  This AMAZING opportunity gives an Empire student the chance to work with Nick, a two-time Platform Artist of the Year, in one of the most widely known salons in New York City PLUS $10,000 for living expenses. This could be a dream come true for one lucky student.  For more details on the contest go to

Frank Schoeneman & Nick Arrojo

Congratulations to all of our Winners.  You make us all so proud of you!  We also want to thank all of you who came out and supported your classmates and school!

Here is a list of all the Winners:

Long Hair Evening Design

5th Place -Rhonda Jones, Chenoweth; 4th Place -Marie Lovia-Desarnes, Wyoming Valley; 3rd Place – Sara Hernandez, GreenBay; 2nd Place – Cherica Jones, Morrow; and FIRST PLACE – Sylvia Winfield, Lehigh Valley.

Men’s Cut & Style with Color

5th Place – Jasmine Morris, Concord; 4th Place- Grace Petersen, St. Paul; 3rd Place- Alexis Bowman, N Tucson; 2nd Place – Angela Jaramillo, Protage; FIRST PLACE – Samual Dziobek, Hyannis

Nail Artistry

5th Place – Brittany Ashley Alexander, Gwinnett; 4th Place Keva Filipski Ohmnacht, Wyoming Valley, 3rd Place- Meagan Riccabona, Hurstbourne; 2nd Place – Vina Kim, Cherry Hill; FIRST PLACE – Jennifer Webb, Warminster

Artistic Braided Design

5th Place – Erica Watson, Manhattan; 4th Place – Zerka Khatoon, Laurel Springs; 3rd Place – Sharelle Onibokun, Lisle; 2nd Place – Dana Reese, Paramus; FIRST PLACE – Shanae Magnum, NE Philadelphia

Make-Up Artistry

5th Place – Jermarie Sanchez, Lisle; 4th Place – Sheila Rodriguez, Exton; 3rd Place – Jamila Shenk, Harrisburg; 2nd Place – Ariadne Carvahhais, Boston; FIRST PLACE – Kristin Collins, Bangor

Female Trend Cut & Style with Color

5th Place – Worginesh Providence, West Palm Beach, 4th Place – Erin Lepowsky, Bloomington; 3rd Place Abby DeRuiter, Grand Rapids; 2nd Place – Lina Vaquez, Malden; FIRST PLACE – Laverne Trottie, Kennesaw

Twisted Texture Challenge

5th Place – Iasha Richmond, Bordentown; 4th Place – Taron Davis, Laurel Springs; 3rd Place – Mafisa Burns, Framingham; 2nd Place – Anikaa Beverly, Speedway; FIRST PLACE – Marquise Bias, Dunwoody

National Future Professional of the Year

2nd Runner Up – Tanya Johnson, Louisville/Hurstbourne; 1st Runner UP – Erin Lepowski, Bloomington

National Future Professional of the Year- Laverne Trottie, Kennesaw

2011 National Educator of the Year


2nd Runner Up – Natasha Drayton, Lancaster; 1st Runner Up- Ana Garcia, Lowell

2011 Educator of the Year – Rebecca Harhay, Bloomington

Total Quality School

5th Place – Jackson; 4th Place – Morrow; 3rd Place – Lancaster; 2nd Place – Memphis-Coleman;

1st Place – Eden Prairie

Total Team

5th Place – Hurstbourne; 4th Place – Portage; 3rd Place – Wyoming Valley; 2nd Place – Lisle;

1st Place – Kennesaw








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