How To's — 02 May 2013

Beauty School Dress codeDress code is one of the subjects I get a lot of questions about during a student’s first visit. The parade of black and white outfits across the salon floor would be a very large coincidence otherwise and most will identify it as a dress code quickly. What is always surprising to me is when a student calls it a “uniform”. It brings to light the transition to a professional attitude and outlook that may be quite new to some individuals.

Wearing black and white to school is not a uniform; uniforms depersonalize and that is the exact opposite of what we want for our students. Your time in school is not just about learning how to cut, color, style, etc., but also to create and define your professional self. Empire calls their students Future Professionals for a reason. We want to give you the tools to become successful and that includes how to present yourself in a way that will be attractive to future employers. The industry standard dress in cosmetology is a black and white pallet. Even more so, you can never go wrong with a wardrobe of black and white dress clothes. Remember, every day that you’re here is a day to figure out what you want your walking and talking billboard that is you and your physical presentation to say. The way you dress will begin to reflect more and more the type of work that you do. Make sure yours says something positive.

While we may all love our t-shirts and comfy pants on weekends I cannot begin to stress enough that school is not the place for them. Yes, you may be able to wear that plain black t-shirt to school but is it really giving the right impression to your clients? While comfortable, that shirt will not display professionalism. As you progress through your time here you may start to see a change in the way you shop. When you see something that looks really great in red, check and see if they have it in black or white. Nice clothes are multi-functional; you wear a shirt with dress pants to school and before you meet some friends for dinner that evening you change into jeans. While just a small change in tone, the outfit goes from dressed up to casual. I want every student to feel comfortable in their own skin and the way we dress is a comprehensive outward reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Dress the way you feel most confident and it will radiate to every client you meet. Luckily, everyone looks good in black and white and both colors are at least part of every salon’s dress code. So kick back and feel fabulous, you’re a professional now.

Alexandra Luce

CPS at Empire Beauty School in Rochester