Guide to Getting Started in Cosmetology

by Empire Beauty School

Are you looking for a career in the beauty industry but need some help on where to start? This guide is perfect for you! We are calling all future beauty professionals to follow our guide to success on how to get started in Cosmetology.

Now I’m sure you are full of questions about topics like program specifics, application requirements, and career paths. Before we get there, let’s start with the basics and figure out what exactly Cosmetology is.

About Cosmetology

Cosmetology is the art and science of beautifying the hair, skin, and nails, studying the most recent techniques in hair care, skincare, and makeup. Cosmetologists listen to their clients about what their desired “look” is and assist them in achieving that goal. Cosmetologists have creative freedom, and flexibility to choose where and when they work, and make a meaningful impact each and every day. To learn more about cosmetology, check out this article:

With this understanding of what cosmetology is, we can move to what a Cosmetologist does. Cosmetologists have the ability to perform a variety of services throughout their day depending on which career path they have chosen. Their responsibilities may include coloring/cutting hair, extensions, facials, scalp treatments, nail services, and other chemical services.

How to Get Started in Cosmetology

Now that you decided it is time to love what you do, how do you start? At Empire Beauty School, our curriculum is designed to train future professionals in the skills they need to succeed in the cosmetology industry. Most cosmetologists start their career training in cosmetology school. In order to apply you must meet the minimum age requirement to enter the school as well as submit the following:

– A copy of a valid state or federal issued photo identification
– A copy of a high school diploma or its equivalent.
– A career planning interview
– The required application fee
– A completed enrollment package

The first step most prospective students do is setting up a tour of a beauty school to learn more about their local school and its programs.

To find more information on how to enroll, this article may be useful:

Learn more about Empire Beauty School start dates here:

Part Time vs Full Time Cosmetology Programs

Did you know Empire Beauty School offers part-time schedules at select locations? We offer a variety of programs with flexible scheduling options. Our part-time programs vary in each state, typically taking double the amount of time to complete compared to the full-time program. The part-time schedule is geared to be more flexible and reasonable for the everyday student to achieve. If you are wondering how long a cosmetology school program takes – it will vary depending on part-time or full time status, and your state’s required hours.

Still deciding which works best for you? Learn more about each option here:

Tuition & Financing

One of the deciding factors when considering a Cosmetology school is tuition rates and payment options. This is a factor that all students seeking higher education must consider before enrolling. There are three payment options you have: scholarships, loans, and grants. Scholarships and grants are both options that do not need to be repaid, think of them as free money. On the other hand, loans are borrowed money that does need to be paid back. Need some more information to consider?

This article could help you learn more about your options:

Dress Code for Cosmetology School

Once you enroll with us, it is time to prepare for your first day of classes. Our students follow a dress code that consists of the following:

– All-black attire
– Trendy, professional attire
– No shorts, mid-drifts, cut-off clothing or clothes with holes etc.
– Sleeves required
– Hair and makeup done prior to arrival
– Colored accessories allowed
– Closed-toe, comfortable footwear

Student Kit & Supplies

The Empire Beauty School Student Kit provides you with all of the essential tools needed to learn, execute and successfully complete our program. Our professional-grade quality items will also assist you in starting your new career as a licensed cosmetologist. These items include in-house, salon-centric books, mannequins, hairstyling items, hair coloring items, hair-cutting items, chemical texturizing items, skincare, and nail care items. Students receive their student kit during their orientation and it will be theirs to keep beyond beauty school.

student kit empire

Graduation Requirements

In order to fully complete our Cosmetology program, there are several requirements:

– Satisfied all necessary assignments assigned to you per Empire curriculum and educators
– Completed all mandatory state-required hours
– Completed all state-required service credits (Varies per state)
– Maintained satisfactory attendance and academics requirements
Adhere to all policies and procedures set forth per Empire’s student catalog agreement

With your graduation approaching, you may want to consider the career paths you can take after becoming a licensed Cosmetologist. The benefits of choosing Cosmetology are that you may have a flexible schedule, creative freedom, and you will be in an industry that is always changing.

Here is a look at some of the career paths you may take upon graduation.


Often times our students first land a career as a Hairstylist, which is suited for well-rounded stylists that choose to work with guests from all ethnicities that want a range of services for their hair.


Platform Artists are known as Subject Matter Experts in their specialized area. Platform Artists traditionally work with Vendors or Brands in the industry and are oftentimes the “Face of the Brand” in many respects.


Another career path is a Salon Owner, responsible for the daily operations of their establishment which include profit, marketing, staff, retail management and more.


If your passion is more geared toward nail care, perhaps a career as a Nail Technician is what you are looking for. Nail Technicians specialize in the care and beautification of the hands and feet.


Are you more interested in skincare? Estheticians provide relaxation to their guests while providing healthy skin and glow. Lastly, Hair Color Specialists are licensed cosmetologists who specialize in altering the hair color of their clients.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Cosmetologist, we encourage you to pursue your passion with us at Empire Beauty School. We support our students through each part of their beauty career.

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December 27, 2022

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