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21 Oscar Party 2014 Takeaways

BlogFashion Trends | March 3, 2014

I am so excited to have just watched the 2014 Oscars and to have been giving live, unsolicited feed and opinions via Facebook during the entire event! So, for those who missed it, here were my top faves, fails, and stunning performances of the evening!

1. Best Dressed, Hair and Makeup: Kate Hudson, perfection.

2. Most Beautiful: The Oscar goes to Lupita Nyong’o! “May it remind me and every child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid”.   Beautiful inside and out.

3. Hair and Makeup: The Dallas Buyer’s Club for hair and makeup! Congratulations!

4. Classiest Fall: Her hair makes a bigger statement than her fall at the red carpet! Way to be a lady and laugh it off Jennifer Lawrence!

5. Best Actress, Not So Best Dressed: Sorry Julia Roberts…not your best dress. Love you though!

6. Best Dress Color: Leslie Mann love the yellow

7. Best Male Haircut: Loving the fresh fade Brad Pitt!

8. Flawless: Next to Kate Hudson… So far my second favorite look of the night. Short beautiful hair, and stunning- Charlize Theron.

9. Most Classic: 18 nominations later Meryl Streep and always looking age appropriate and classy!

10. Most Inspirational Looks: And the Oscar goes to The Great Gatsby for costume design! From head to toe, what an inspiration!

11. Favorite Actress: Sally Fields is like the universal mother of the world. I could watch her all day long. Oh, and did I mention how beautiful you look Sally!

12. Best Man Dressed: Kevin Spacey… My my how a man is so well dressed and put together. Did anyone else notice that BLUE seems to be the new BLACK tonight?

13. Best Performance: Standing ovation Pink! Fabulous hair, color, dress, and song! Beautiful rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

14. Worst Hair: Goldie Hawn… Your hair could look so much better with a better set and a brush!

15. Needed Support: Penelope Cruz I wish I could support your look tonight…

16. Best Moment: #retweet- First time ever to shut Twitter down!

17. Best Accessory/ Worst Outfit: Liza Minnelli kudos for accessorizing your BLUE dress with your BLUE hair!

18. Hair Color Fail: Bette Midler please go back red… Not feeling the blonde…

19. Best Acceptance Speech: “alright, alright, alright!”–Matthew McConaughey

20. Most on trend:  Cate Blanchett True red carpet, Hollywood glamour…and completely on trend!

21. Best Braid: Maria Menounos Georgeousss….

And with that, I must tip my hat and say thank you Hollywood, as always, for bringing true Hollywood glamour to the Red Carpet!


Until Next Time,

Yours Truly,


Missy Croquart

Written by Missy Croquart

With almost a decade in the industry, Missy Croquart has made it her mission to inspire and educate stylists worldwide. In her many leadership roles, including Artistic Training Manager for Sexy Hair, International Master Artist, and Institute of Courage Coach, she works tirelessly to develop the talents of new artists, helping thrive in the beauty business. Missy is also an in-demand artist with an impressive resume that includes LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, music videos, photo shoots, live performances and international work spanning South America to Japan.

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