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5 Things We Learned About Fall Fashion from the 2014 VMA’s

BlogFashion Trends | August 26, 2014

The MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s)  is the time when edgy fashions come out to play. In years past, we have been graced with Madonna’s shredded bridal gown, Gaga’s meat dress, Little Kim’s pasty, and Britney’s array of barely-there rhinestone costumes.  While the outfits are outrageous, what graces MTV’s red carpet can give us a sneak peak into what trends will be hot in the season ahead.

Here are 5 things we can learn about Fall Fashion from the VMA’s :

Miley is pop-star perfection.

1. Crop Tops will be Everywhere

Miley Cryus makes some questionable fashion choices, but for this year’s VMA’s, she was right on trend! Crop tops are everywhere, and they are surprisingly flattering. Unlike their 80’s and 90’s incarnation, the new crop top is paired with a high-waisted pant or skirt to give an alluring flash of skin, while maintaining a great proportion.

Tip: Too cold or too shy for crop? Play with the look by wearing a boxy crop sweater with a tight tank underneath to create an amazing waistline.

This look requires heavy construction.

2.  You are Going to Need Some Fashion Tape

Kim Kardashian’s plunging V is sure to inspire, for better or worse, a lot of necklines this season. This type of fashion…choice…is not as effortless as it looks. There is an infrastructure of shape wear and fashion tape that would rival the interstate road system. Deep V’s, within reason, are very flattering to a variety of body types, and look amazing with a short hair cut. Also, fashion tape is a trick of the beauty trade to keep clothes in place and to help them drape better.

Tip:  A deep V neckline looks amazing if you use a bit of highlighter on your collarbones. 

Body suits are for the brave!

3.  Pants are Optional

It seems the onesie has made its way into street fashion. As perplexing as this fashion trend is, body suits were donned by everyone from Taylor Swift to Beyoncé. This club wear look (repeat after me, “ It is never OK to go pants less in public before 10:30 pm. unless you are Beyoncé”) is a fun alternative to the mini dress.  This look is not for most people (One more time, everyone, “ It is never OK to go pants less in public before 10:30 pm, unless you are Beyoncé”), but for those who want to make a statement, there is none bolder!

Tip:  A shimmery body lotion applied to the front of the legs, makes you appear taller!  

Chainmail is the new black.

4.  Silver is THE Color for Fall Fashion

Jennifer Lopez, Amber Rose, and Iggy Azalea were all seen in striking silver ensembles. While their looks were a bit more “Game of Thrones” than what is acceptable for every day, a bold metallic piece of clothing or bold accessory looks future perfect!

Tip:  Look Jennifer Lopez- chic with a sparkly white sweater and a glossy, silver manicure. 

Wide Legged pants make an impact.

5.  Pants are the New Skirt

Yes, pants are optional (not really), but they can elevate an evening look in a timeless way. A 40’s inspired wide-legged pant can make day or evening fashion luxuriously vintage.

Tip: Wide legged is going to be the hottest silhouette in denim. 

You can take ideas from the craziest fashion and can incorporate it into your wardrobe for a fresh, new look. This fall, be a little rock star and try something bold!

What looks did you like at the VMA’s? Who failed spectacularly? Who needs pants?

Megan Murray

Written by Megan Murray

Megan Murray is an Empire home office employee with a passion for make-up and pop-culture. She has been a contributor to various health and beauty blogs. At any given time, Megan owns at least 12 different shades of green eye shadow.

1 Comment

  • Hanna says:

    I definitely love #3. Although I wouldn’t wear that onesie Beyonce is wearing, I would wear that onesie Taylor Swift is wearing.

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