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8 Perfect Hair PROMising Looks!

BlogBeauty Tips, Fashion Trends | May 4, 2012

Prom is just around the corner…. you finally got your dress, the perfect shoes and the matching purse. You are starting to feel like Cinderella but now you have the big decision…how are you going to wear your hair?

You want to make sure you don’t over do it because now days everyone’s got their cameras and smartphones ready to capture every moment and sure enough you know it will be posted somewhere for all the world to see.

Here are 8 hairstyles that will give you the PERFECT Prom looks:

  • Half-Up Half -Down Hairstyle. Are you still deciding whether to wear your hair up or leave it all down? How about having the best of both worlds. Gather the sides of your hair away from your face and pin them beneath a layer of hair with a bobby pin or gather the hair from the crown area, add volume by teasing the hair, then pull the hair into a fancy clip or barrette. Finish the look off by adding some curls or waves to the rest of the hair.Half up Half Down Hairstyle1
  • Short Hair- Sleek and Stylish. Prom hair is not just about long hair pulled up into an up-do or long flowing curls. There are still many options to wear your short trending hair for this special occasion. Add curls and twists, create finger waves, go sleek, pin it, or accessorize with headbands or clips. Celebrities like Michelle Williams and Katherine Heigl have graced the red carpet with their short hair looks.Short Prom hairstyles
  • Chignon or Bun. A classic yet stunning look that is perfect for medium to long hair. For a more textured look add some curls to your hair first. Then, gather hair into a ponytail (either at the base of the neck or to the side for the chignon and higher up for a sleek bun), twist the hair and wrap around ponytail; secure with hair pins and spray

Chignon or Bun Hairstyle

  •  Side Pony. A whimsical look that is simple to create and a favorite by many. To make this hairstyle look more glamorous, curl all of your hair with an iron, allow hair to cool, then pull all your hair to one side and secure with an elastic band. Take a thin section of the pony and wrap it around the hair tie to conceal the hair tie, secure the strand in place with a bobby pin or two.Side Ponytail for Prom
  • Roman Ponytail. Classic Cleopatra look. Brush your hair into a high ponytail and spray the hair to smooth out any of the frizzies. Take a long piece of cord, metallic looks best, and tie it around the base of your pony so that you have two pieces. Crisscross the two pieces down the pony. Wrap the cord around a few times at the end and secure. Now you are a Goddess!Roman Pony Hairstyle
  • Soft and Natural Waves. Angelic looking on both long and short hair. Separate your hair into sections. Start at the nape of the neck and work your way up. Spray your hair with a thermal protect spray and then wrap a small section of hair around your curling iron in a spiral shape and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat process until your entire head is curled. Allow curls to cool then use your fingers to separate curls. Spray your hair with light hairspray and your look is complete!Soft Natural Waves
  • Braided Hairstyles. A fancied and versatile look that is becoming very popular for Prom.  Add braids into an up-do, braid across your forehead (like a headband), fishtail side braid, braided chignon and so many more. Some complex braids may require the help of a professional hairstylist. Braided Hairstyles
  • Messy Updo. This look is best with wavy or curly hair. Tease the top section of your hair for volume; twist that section of the hair into a bun. Pin the remaining wavy strands of hair loosely around the bun with bobby pins. Leave some of the wavy tendrils out on the side. Add some sparkle to this look with some pearls, rhinestones or flowers.

Messy Up-Do
How do you plan on wearing your hair for this year’s prom?  If you are a stylist, what are the most requested hairstyles for prom?


Jess Quandel

Written by Jess Quandel

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