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Hair Color Forecast 2014: Be Bold!

BlogBeauty Tips, Fashion Trends | December 17, 2013

The newest look in hair color for 2014 is actually an expansion of popular trends from mid-to-end 2013. Take chalking, ombre, and reverse ombre, then add color. Lots and lots of vibrant, splashy color!

Obviously when a color trend is hot, it only gets stronger. And in this case, bolder. Splashes and steaks of noticeable shades will make an appearance on more tresses than ever. Glints of green, orange, and blue will make heads turn. It’s a look that gets noticed! The shy may shudder, but creative stylists and daring clients will revel in the fun of artistic coloring techniques. Let’s face it; ho-hum highlights are so last year!

Okay, let’s get to it. Here are the trends that we’ll see more of in the upcoming year:


Think of highlights that are quite bright but appear horizontally across hair rather than vertically. Eye-catching for sure! The look seems to give the illusion of a beam of light “splashing” across your hair. See more details of this look here.

Hair Chalking

The process isn’t brand new, but it is evolving. New colors-some wild, some sophisticated-are becoming available as options to the common pinks and blues. The formulas are a bit advanced as well, since manufacturers realize this temporary hair bath isn’t going away any time soon. New bases contain more polymer than chalk, so the color stays on the hair strand up to 3 days before washing out. You can really experiment with hair chalk, since it is so temporary. The prettiest results come from professional salons. Trust me, stylists love being artists. Ask for chalking with multi-toned strands (also known as rainbow ombre), or even let loose and color the entire head a fun shade. Great for pizazz during holiday parties!

Blondes Having More Fun

Many shades of blonde will be in order for 2014. Blonde hair equals sexy hair, according to experts, so clients everywhere are turning it up a notch in lighter locks. Transformations take place in pieces, blocks, highlighted strands, or entire heads of bombshell brightness. Platinum blonde remains the top color choice, especially for celebrities. But with so many variations in this color family, any skin tone can wear it well. Check with your stylist for the best match.

Color Blocking

Sometimes referred to as “peek-a-boo panels” or panel coloring, this look features a pop of bold color among a client’s mostly neutral palette. The color is usually a bit hidden, then flashes through when hair moves, is parted a certain way, or placed in an updo. It’s most effective with one contrasting color peeking through the main color, but designs with various colors are also popular. A benefit to this coloring technique is that it most likely won’t involve bleach, so damage is minimal.

Ombre Variations

Of course, ombre color designs are still in fashion, but new twists on the original are now offered, such as reverse ombre (lighter color at roots and darker at ends), or vibrant-hued variations like rainbow ombre, mentioned earlier.  It seems Hollywood starlets love this trend and have helped the ombre craze establish a large following.

Many of these trends are designed to have fun with hair and even accent your clothing choices. A color change can light up your face, accent a great cut, or even become a fashion accessory by itself. Tempted to try one? Don’t be nervous. It’s a new year, after all. How about a new you?

Lorraine Letcavage

Written by Lorraine Letcavage

Lorraine has been involved with the beauty school industry for over 5 years, having been employed as a copywriter, editor and blog writer for Empire Education Group. Most of her career has been in Education, as she has a passion to learn and share knowledge to benefit others. She has a BA in English and enjoys writing newsletters, marketing material, and informative pieces for various companies and websites. A self-professed beauty product junkie, Lorraine reads about all the latest trends and uses her connections in the salon industry to stay current in cosmetology.

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