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What does your lip color say about you?

BlogFashion Trends | February 12, 2014

February is here and romance is in the air!  Before you seal your valentine with a kiss take a look at your lip color! What does it say about you?

Check out our completely, utterly 100% un-scientific Lip-Strology chart to find out what your pout might be saying the to world.

Baby Pink :

A bit of a girly, girl who has a romantic side. You know that sugar catches more flies than vinegar, and no one is immune to your charms. Shake up your look by adding a bit of this season’s go-to gold gloss on the center of your lips. You will still be sweet, but the gold will add luxe volume to your look.


You are not afraid of a little attention.  A bit of a throwback to the neon 80’s, you love fashion and accessories. While others see make-up as a natural enhancement, you see it as self-expression. You were probably the first one on your block with a make-up kit.  Show your warmer side by adding a touch of green gloss.  A transparent green gloss gives fuchsia a peachier look without toning down its daring nature.


You mean what you say, and you say what you mean. You like who you are, and you are not afraid to express yourself. You are on the eternal quest for the “your lips but better” color. You look perfect in a white tank and jeans, and you understand how to mix casual and chic.  Try out your look in a new texture. Matte lips are making a comeback, and a matte texture can make even the most neutral color into a fashion statement.


Your nickname is probably “sunshine.”  You are a forward-thinking optimist. You yearn for a bright, modern look and have your finger on the pulse of what is next. While your color is definitely having its moment in the spotlight, show off your savvy by going metallic. You will look light years ahead!


A glossy nude lip paired with a dark eye? You must be a diva!  You know that diamonds aren’t a girls best friend…designers are!  You wouldn’t be caught dead without a manicure, pedicure, and sparkles.  Add some girlie to your signature glamour with a bright, pink, transparent gloss.


You know the power of being a lady.  When you enter a room people notice, and when you talk, people always listen. You command admiration and respect, and you know how to properly showcase your best assets.  Soften your edge a bit with a clear red gloss. The look is surprisingly sweet and adds polish to an every day look.


You are a vamp, and you play by your own rules. You know the key to beauty is a little bit of mystery. You never wanted to be a princess; you knew the sorceress had all the fun. Go a bit incognito with a plum stain. The look is on trend and unexpectedly chic.

Black/Yellow/Blue/Stripes/ etc.

You are an artist and the world needs your voice. I would give you a tip or a trick, but you are already on to the next thing. Keep inspiring us!

So…what if you wear a different color every day? You are a make-up maven. Life is a coloring book and you have a box of crayons!

What is your favorite color lip color? What color would you never wear? What color have you always wanted to try?

Megan Murray

Written by Megan Murray

Megan Murray is an Empire home office employee with a passion for make-up and pop-culture. She has been a contributor to various health and beauty blogs. At any given time, Megan owns at least 12 different shades of green eye shadow.

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