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Men’s Hair Trend for Spring 2012: A deeper look

BlogBeauty Tips, Fashion Trends | March 21, 2012

On February 8th, I blogged about Men’s Trend for Spring 2012.  Let’s take a closer look.  Requests from that article promped me to create a video demonstrating how to cut a guy haircut leveraging this trend. Check out the video below.

Below is a still image of the trend cut as well. Notice how the top overhangs (disconnected) the side, yet blends back into the nape area. The top blends down the back as well.

Men's Hair Cutting


There can be variations on how the trend is leveraged and applied to different clients, hair textures and levels of “trend commitment”.  Not all clients will have the hair length to cut a trend cut in pure form.  Elements of the cut can be pulled from the trend to create a variation.  Not all clients will have the density or texture to take trends straight to their look.

Again, in these cases, pieces of the trend can be incorporated to allow a client to be in on the trend, yet not replicate it in full.  Some clients will want to get in on the trend but not want to make the full commitment to the complete look.  This is another instance where a portion of a trend can be blended into a style to allow some variation.  A good example of this is that a slight undercut in one corner can be a great away to take a small portion of this trend and apply it to many clients, textures and trend temperaments.

The key to leveraging a trend as a salon pro is to see the trends early and ask yourself, “How can I use this in my work?”

Let me know what you think of this cut.  Please share your ideas on how you can see yourself using this trend to expand your creativity and build your business.  It is never too early to be looking ahead.

Written by Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School is a leading cosmetology and beauty educator with 89 beauty schools and cosmetology schools in the United States. Empire Beauty School offers a variety of beauty programs and cosmetology courses including cosmetology, esthetics, make-up artistry, and cosmetology educator training.

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