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Empire’s Future Pro Expo 2013 Winners & Highlights

BlogFuture Pro Expo | July 9, 2013

We were back at Hershey, Pa  the end of June  for Empire’s Future Professionals  Expo 2013 sponsored by Masters of Beauty. 1,500 Empire Education Group students and educators along with exhibitors and judges joined together for another thrilling weekend of competitions, advanced education, networking and of course trade show shopping.

Empire's FPE Trade Show Floor

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights, winners and memorable moments from this year’s event.

Students were up bright and early on Sunday morning standing in line waiting for the Trade Show floor to open at 9am.  Hundreds of the industry’s top vendors were available to answer questions about their professional tools and products.  Some of the vendors even did some demonstrations on the students…  hair curling & straightening, makeup matching & application, eyebrow waxing and spraying fun colors on their hair.  The best part they even offered special deals to the students which most of them couldn’t pass up.  As you walked around the show floor you can see their bags were filling up fast and the products on the tables were diminishing.

Through out the morning and afternoon students were able to sit in on many advanced Shannon Lamm at Empire's FPEeducation classes.  Goldwell Guest Artist and FPE Judge, Shannon Lamm,  was easily a student favorite with his edgy style and easy going personality.  During his demonstration he told students to always know the size of their tools and instruments so they can use them as measuring devices while cutting. The same as a carpenter would use a tape measure.

Sexy Hair at FPEAnother favorite was the Sexy Hair Class taught by their Creative Director, Rafe Hardy and Platform Artist Missy Croquart.  Hardy demonstrated some of Sexy Hair’s new cutting techniques and really stressed to students proper form while cutting.  Croquart  demonstrated how to do a quick updo on a student from the audience.  Croquart is a familiar face to many Empire Students.  She has done several educational videos seen in Empire Classrooms and on our YouTube Channel.  If you haven’t seen them be sure to check them out.

Meeting as many of the 1,500 Empire students in attendance as he possibly could, Empire Chairman andFrank Schoeneman CEO Frank Schoeneman posed for countless pictures, and talked with students about their experiences at Empire and future career goals.  Students were so excited to get their picture taken with him and his wife, Karie Schoeneman, Vice President of Education.




At 4pm the doors open to the Great American Hall and students piled in to support their school.  They cheered and chanted for their friends who were competing.  This year we had 3 categories of competitions:  Total Progressive Look, Long Hair Evening Design and Artistic Braiding.  The competition began at 4:30 and competitors had 1 hour to complete their looks.  You can see all the competition photos on our Facebook page.

Here is a list of all of our Winners and their pictures:

Long Hair Evening Design

The long hair evening design category features intricate updos and variations on classic and modern styles students learn at Empire.

1st Place:  Rashontae Reeves, NW Phoenix, AZ

1st Place Long Hair Design

2nd Place: Karina Astakhov, Lebanon, PA

2nd Place Long Hair Design

3rd Place: Ashley Wilson, Springfield, PA

3rd Place Long Hair Evening Design

4th Place: Katherine Reinhart, Arlington Heights, IL

4th Place Long Hair Design

5th Place: Kenneth Abersold, Chenoweth, KY

5th Place Long Hair Design

Progressive Total Look

The Progressive Total Look category features a complete look on a live model showcasing hair, makeup and nails executed by a team of students.

1st Place: Wyoming Valley, PA

1st Place Total Look

2nd Place: Spring Lake Park, MN

2nd place total look

3rd Place: Memphis/Colonial, TN

3rd Place Total Look

4th Place: Aurora, CO

4th Place Total Look

5th Place: Avondale, AZ

5th Place Total Look

Artistic Braided Design

The Artistic Braided Design category is where students intricately weave and braid some of the most beautiful and trendy styles to create a harmonious and original design.

1st Place: Elena Macero, W. Greensboro, NC

1st Place Artistic Braided Design

2nd Place: Laura Ellis, NE Philadelphia, PA

2nd Place Artistic Braided Design

3rd Place: Linxian Liao, Avondale, AZ

3rd Artistic Braided Design

4th Place: Carlos Velazquez, Union, NJ

4th Place Artistic Braided Design

5th Place: Deborah Teixeira, Gwinnett, GA

5th Place Artistic Braided Design

Future Professionals of the Year

Also recognized were Future Professionals of the Year from every one of our 18 regions. The top 5
National Future Professionals of the Year are:

National Future Professional of the Year: Daeng Khamsay, Kennesaw, GA

Future Professional of the Year

1st Runner Up: Kellie Tantum, Warminster, PA

Future Professional 1st runner up

2nd Runner Up: Elena Macero, W. Greensboro, NC

Future Professional 2nd runner up

3rd Runner Up:  Rosemarie Sabino, Malden, MA

Future Professional 3rd Runner Up

4th Runner Up:  Olivia Salicos, Prescott, AZ

Future Professional 4th Runner up

Empire Educators of the Year

Each Empire region also selected Educators of the Year. The top 5 winners for National Educator
of the Year are:

National Educator of the Year: Maria Class, Lehigh Valley, PA

Educator of the year 2013

1st Runner Up: Terry Spittler, Lebanon, PA

Educator of the year 1st runner up

2nd Runner Up: Johanna Simms-Copeland, Laurel Springs, NJ

Educator of the year 2nd runner up

3rd Runner Up: Elaine Vogel, Madison, WI

Educator of the year 3rd runner up

4th Runner Up:  Sonia Polmare, Kennesaw, GA

Educator of the year 4th runner up

Total Quality School Award

Empire Future Professionals Expo recognizes not only individual excellence, but school wide
achievement with the Total Quality School Award and the Total Team Award.

1st Place: Monroeville, PA

1st Place Total Quality

2nd Place: Spring Lake Park, MN

2nd Total Quality Award

3rd Place: Vernon Hills, IL

3rd Place Total Quality

4th Place: Eden Prairie, MN

4th Place Total Quality

5th Place: West Palm Beach, FL

5th Place Total Quality

Total Team Award

The final award at Empire’s Future Professionals Expo recognizes the team with the superior
performance during the competition.

1st Place: Avondale, AZ

1st Place Total Team

2nd Place: NE Philadelphia, PA

2nd Place Total Team

3rd Place: Spring Lake Park, MN

3rd Place Total Team

4th Place: Wyoming Valley, PA

4th Place Total Team

5th Place: Laurel Springs, NJ

5th Place total team

Congratulations to all the competitors! You are all winners!  

Tell us what you like most about this year’s Future Professionals Expo 2013.

Also, please check out our Photo Gallery on and share and pin your favorite looks from #FPE2013!

Jess Quandel

Written by Jess Quandel

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