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“Ombre Hairstyle” – Is this a good or a bad beauty hair trend?

BlogFashion Trends, News | April 25, 2011

Is this hairstyle a good trend or a bad trend?

Being in the beauty industry I always thought you should never let your roots show,especially if you were highlighting or coloring your hair blonde. Having those dark roots and then the blonde tips, who would have thought it would turn into a new trend and have it’s own name.  Well, it is a new look that celebrities and people are loving to wear this year. It is called the “Ombre” hair trend.

This trend can look to be very subtle going from a natural brunette hue to sunkissed lightened tips.  Sarah Jessica Parker has been pulling this look off for a while.

hair trend ombre
Some of the celebs go for a more bolder look with drastic difference between the root and tips, Drew Barrymore and Ashlee Simpson are known for this two tone look where it is very dark at the roots to a pale blonde color at the tips.

ombre hair trend 2

This “Ombre” hair trend will work for you if you are:

1. Looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance 

2. Aren’t sure how you would look with blonde hair. (Gives you a lighter look but still keeping the darkness around your face.)

3. Tired of constantly highlighting your hair but still would like some kind of color.

4. Want to grow out your roots. With this look, now you can grow out your roots and still look like you are part of a trend.


Do you think this will be long-lasting popular hair trend?  How would you wear your hair….subtle, with a gradual change of color or more bolder with a drastic look between the two colors?

If you are looking to update your hair with this new trend, check out an Empire Beauty School in your area.  Our trained students offer great services.  Or if you are creative and would love a career in beauty learning the newest trends and techniques, contact us today!


Jess Quandel

Written by Jess Quandel

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