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Michigan Beauty Schools

  • Grand Rapids, MI(Empire Beauty School)

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  • 1735 Four Mile Rd
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49525
  • 616-723-8469
  • Grand Rapids, MI(Empire Beauty School)

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  • 455 Standale Plaza
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49534
  • 616-433-2232
  • Portage, MI(Empire Beauty School)

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  • 6091 Constitution Blvd
  • Portage, MI 49024
  • 269-858-2068

About Michigan Beauty Schools

Program State Required Hours
Cosmetologist 1500
Esthetician 400
Nail Tech 400
Barbering 1750

Michigan is the heart of America’s auto industry. It’s the state that is surrounded by four of the Great Lakes. It is the birthplace of the Motown sound. And Michigan is home to many excellent beauty schools where many successful beauty professionals received their training. In fact, there are three Empire Beauty Schools in the state of Michigan. One Empire cosmetology school is in Portage and there are two Empire Beauty Schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more than 75 years, Empire Beauty Schools have educated the finest talent in the world of cosmetology. We are dedicated to helping you to achieve your dream of a rewarding and enjoyable career in cosmetology.

Among the many benefits of a beauty career is that you can work almost anywhere—in the U.S. and all over the world. You can even try different environments to see which one suits you best. Whether you want to focus on hair as a cosmetologist, skin or as an esthetician or nails, you could work in a salon or spa. You might prepare models for runway shows and actors for movies and TV shows. You could travel the world on a cruise ship. And, one day, you might manage or own a business of your own.

Your adventure could begin with the beauty school that is the best fit for you. In addition to choosing the beauty educational program that will prepare you for the beauty career of your dreams, make sure that the beauty school you attend has a large network of industry contacts, one of which could be the ideal employer for you.

Another factor to consider is whether a given beauty school is accredited. For example, Empire Beauty Schools are accredited. When you attend an accredited school, it is recognized for meeting national standards for educational performance, established by an impartial agency. Also, accredited schools are generally eligible to participate in the Federal government's student financial assistance programs, referred to as Title IV. In other words, these beauty schools may be able to make a cosmetology education far more affordable for you.

Your investment in cosmetology education at one of the top beauty schools in Michigan could pay off pretty quickly. It typically takes between one and two years to complete a cosmetology program. The best beauty schools will help you to prepare for the licensing exam. With your beauty license in hand, you will be qualified to work as a beauty professional in Michigan.

Remember, when considering which Michigan beauty school is best for you, find out whether the beauty school:

  • Offers the program that meets your career goals
  • Is accredited
  • Will prepare you for state licensing tests

The right beauty school choice can make all the difference to you and your beauty career.