Experience a First Day at Empire Beauty School

by Courtney Weikel
First Day at Empire Beauty School

This is the moment you have been waiting for, the moment when your entire life is about to change. For the better, of course. You made the decision to enroll at Empire Beauty School (congrats!) and now it’s time to prepare for your first day.

If you are looking for more information about getting started in cosmetology – be sure to see our Guide to Getting Started in Cosmetology.

First day of beauty school – What to expect.

We know you’re excited to begin your journey, and we can’t wait to learn all about our future professionals. We set up this guide to help you rid of the first-day nerves and walk through those doors confidently. 

The night before, have a full night’s rest as there will be tons of excitement, information, and introductions on your first day. The morning of, allow yourself enough time that you will be arriving at school on time.

What to bring on the first day

We suggest that you wear comfortable shoes, pack snacks and water, and items to take notes with.  Learn more about the dress code on our post about dressing for success.

Clocking in & out of school & your locker

When arriving on campus on your first day, our Empire Team will excitedly greet you in the front of the school. Then, you will be guided to the Timestar machine to learn how to clock in/out, an essential part of your day. You will also be provided your own locker with a combination to secure your items.

First day of beauty school classes

Once in the classroom, our Educators will discuss several topics such as the syllabus, expectations, and requirements. Our new students will have the opportunity to get to know one another through icebreakers and activities. Some of our favorites are Two Truths and a Lie, questionnaires, and time to create a vision board. No matter the route your educator takes, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about your program and fellow students. 

Your Student Kit

Our students love opening up their Student Kits, which will be waiting for you inside the classroom. These kits will contain all of the tools you need to learn, execute, and successfully complete our program. Our new students will be paired with a current student to open their kit and inventory their items

student kit empire

Day 1 beauty school classes

The rest of the day is spent with an introduction on your first section of content. The Educator will provide a basic demonstration, history of the subject, and an overview of what to expect. 

Wrapping up your first day

To end your first day of beauty school, our Educators will review the day and preview what’s to come for your next day. We check in with students to see how they are feeling and answer any questions. 

Your first day at Empire Beauty School is meant to be memorable and informative. You belong here, we are proud of you for chasing your dreams.

If you are interested in enrolling at Empire Beauty School, get started by submitting our online application form. You can also learn more about our programs & locations on our website.

February 6, 2023

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