3 Reasons to Reach for a Body Brush

by Katie Schenk

For years, you’ve passed by those bath brushes in the shops. Or, maybe you bought one, and it sat next to the bathtub, used more for scratching your back than anything else. Either way, you’ve probably not used a body brush extensively in the past.


They had fallen out of favor, until recently. Now, body brushes are back – and better than ever before. One of the best ways to reap all the benefits of body brushing is to run these tools over dry skin.

Everyone Needs to Exfoliate

A brush will exfoliate your skin whether you use it wet or dry. But, if you relieve yourself of the dry, dead, top layer of skin before stepping into the shower, you have a better shot at washing and hydrating the skin that counts.

A gentle dry brushing before stepping into your shower should leave your skin a little pink, but not irritated. If it is, you’re doing it too vigorously. When you step out of the water, your skin should glow.

Increased Blood Flow

Anytime you stimulate the skin or major muscle groups, you’re going to stimulate blood flow. And that’s good for every inch of your body – inside and out. Sadly, skin—your largest organ— is often the one that’s left out.

Lymphatic Care

Your lymphatic system is vital. You may not think so, but it helps to regulate weight and the flushing of toxins from your body. And we all have toxins, even if you lead a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, it’s the home of your immune system, so take care of it.

Most of the lymph ducts and vessels lie just under the skin… and they always benefit from stimulation and brushing. You might just notice you feel healthier after a week or two of dry brushing.

March 17, 2016

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