Fall 2019 Makeup Trends

by Lorraine Letcavage

Although the fun season of summer officially ends in late September, back-to-school bells ring for students every August. Seems so unfair! To help ease the pain of this early transition, why not look on the bright side? Every seasonal change means happy times for fashion lovers, as new trends and styles reveal themselves. Out with the old, in with the new, even with your cosmetics. Bye-bye bronzers, hello new colors! It’s time to reinvent yourself and strut school hallways wearing A+ fall makeup designed to turn heads. Read on to see what salon experts and media influencers predict as the go-to makeup choices this year:

• Say “I Do” to Dewy. Even though gleamy skin seems so very summerlike, the trend carries on for fall because healthy looking skin is always in style. Skin care specialists like this look because it’s best pulled off with a smooth complexion as the base. That means if you take care of your skin, the glow can start from within. You can add more polish with dewy foundations and highlighting sticks, designed to look fresh and youthful. Check on how to do it with this tutorial.

• Flatter Your Flush with Rosy Cheeks. As a perfect match to fresh-faced foundations, natural hues of rose pink and bronzed peach complete your youthful complexion accents. Place powder blush up high on cheekbones, blending subtly toward temples to mimic the healthy tone you get after a workout- but without the sweat! Try a cream or stick blush to just swipe on easily for a well-placed flattering flush.

• Add Sparkle to Eyes. For eyes, it’s a glittery disco flashback that’s coming back in style for late 2019. Patrick Ta, celebrity makeup artist says the secret lies in the application. “Less is more when it comes to glitter”. To pull this off, keep your face makeup subtle, as in dewy or barely-there trends for fall. Choose gold sparkle to accentuate the brown eyeshadow palette you’ll want in your backpack or get creative with colors you enjoy most. Glitter shadow pots can get messy, so easy does it! Look for some more tips on this trend here. Which to buy? Look at these options.

• Eyeliner Gets Seriously Creative. Many experts predict playful fun with eyeliner this season. Not only will the cat eye style remain, but it gets colorful, and adds extra wings by extending the line another half inch in an upward swoop. Swap out black liner for blue, embrace smudgy lines for a casual classroom look, and even add bright green or similar shades above your normal earth tone liner or above the crease in eyelids. Sounds wild? It is, so experiment at home before showing off to your classmates. As with any bold eye look, keep your other cosmetics toned down.

• Take a Load Off the Heavy Brow. Tired of trying to achieve perfectly filled-in eyebrows? Good news! Strong brows are losing some favor for fall, replaced instead with thinner, softer brow lines. The not-too-thin eyebrow achieves a soft look by using powder brow makeup rather than harsher pencils and extreme shape points. The natural, feathery brow trend is perfect to set off the fun eyeliners for 2019. Keeping only one facial feature strong is key for an appropriate back to school statement.

• Go Easy on the Eyes with Neutral Eyeshadows. With a renewed emphasis on the 90’s smoky eye trend, only softer- take your lids to the neutral side, especially shades of brown. You’ll look cool for school sporting these classic colors that add allure while remaining obedient. Even those afraid to experiment with new techniques can be brave as the softer tones don’t scream out for stares from fellow students as you pass by. Instead, they’ll accentuate your eye color and lash line. Perfect for daytime class functions!

Trends in makeup come and go, so choose what you think looks best. Ask fellow students to share their makeup finds and make fast friends as you venture into the back-to-school season. Ask for advice from your beautician, or better yet, visit a cosmetology school to explore the possibility of being an expert makeup artist or esthetician yourself. Trendsetters are drawn to cosmetology, so why not do it now?

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September 11, 2019

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